35 green building programs join NAHBGreen

WASHINGTON, Feb. 4--The NAHBGreen network almost tripled in size when the National Association of Home Builders National Green Building Program welcomed 35 new state and local home builders associations and their green certification and education programs this week.

NAHBGreen continues to gain momentum across the U.S. as home builders incorporate more sustainable features in new homes in response to consumer demand, said Joe Robson, NAHB Chairman and a home builder in Tulsa, Okla.

"NAHBGreen provides home buyers with the assurance that their new home has been built to a national benchmark for sustainable, environmentally-friendly construction with features that are also designed to save them money throughout the life of their home," Robson said. "I'm proud to welcome these state and local affiliates to this growing network."

The new affiliates include longstanding green building programs such as Build Green of King and Snohomish Counties in Washington, which has certified more than 13,000 homes since its founding in 1997, and new programs such as the green council formed by the Carbon Builders Association in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

In addition to serving as a conduit for home builders or buyers seeking National Green Building Certification, NAHBGreen affiliates also educate their members and provide special green events for consumers, such as expos or parades of homes highlighting green construction.

"By providing a nationally recognized third-party inspection and certification program, educational resources and industry recognition, NAHBGreen delivers value to our builders and their buyers," Robson said.

Green building is more dynamic and more responsive to consumers' needs when it is voluntary, flexible and regionally appropriate, he pointed out.

"NAHBGreen is a market-driven program," Robson said. "Five of the top ten home features most frequently rated as 'desirable or essential/must have' in NAHB's latest Consumer Preference Survey were energy-related. These included a high level of insulation, equipment-based energy saving measures, and ENERGY STAR-rated windows, among others."

NAHBGreen also includes the Certified Green Professional[tm] educational designation, which has been earned by more than 2,000 builders, remodelers and other industry members; education and networking opportunities like the NAHB National Green Building Conference, which will celebrate its 11th anniversary May 8-10 in Dallas; and National Green Building Certification and verifier training from the NAHB Research Center.

In addition to the Washington program, among the new affiliates are six long-established residential green building programs, including:

Other NAHBGreen affiliates include: