New online commissioning curriculum

NEW YORK, NY — CS Learning Solutions (CSLS) today unveiled the first web-based building commissioning curriculum. These courses will help property owners, construction specialists, facility managers, architects, engineers and developers learn more about how to design and manage better performing buildings—increasing their ROI.

The curriculum is the premiere offering from CSLS University, a new online professional development resource that hosts proven education content authored by noted architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) leaders, and presents it cost-effectively for continuing education credit.

Commissioning is a systematic process that tests a building’s performance against the building’s design intent, contract documentation and the owner's operational needs. Heightened interest in building performance, driven largely by the "green building" movement and standards such as the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED® rating system, inspired the commissioning curriculum. "Despite the complexity of building design today, and the extraordinary attention being paid to sustainability requirements and practices, commissioning is not always specified in the design and construction process—yet it's a critical step for ensuring building performance," according to CSLS, Sr. Vice President for Education and Technology, Edward Hutzel. "The content we have collected to build our initial 20-course Commissioning curriculum, and the unique platform we've developed to present it, will help more building professionals become proficient with this important assessment process," says Hutzel.

CSLS University content is contributed by a diverse array of subject matter experts whose professional leadership in commissioning draws from many areas of expertise, teaching, and publishing. Collectively, some of their accomplishments are:

  • A founder, past presidents, and board members of the Building Commissioning Association (BCA).
  • Designing, constructing and commissioning diverse building systems including laboratories, hospitals, data centers, and office buildings, for the public and private sectors, governments, NGO's, and associations.
  • Our faculty has worked on projects related to sustainability from a multitude of perspectives including community level stakeholders, sustainability strategy and benefit valuation, life cycle management, materials stewardship, sustainable purchasing, eco-efficiency, and design for environment.
  • Management system solutions for sustainability-related challenges.
  • Other threads include managing engineering, construction, capital improvements programs, and the procurement of professional construction services using Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) procedures.
  • Our faculty participates in a multitude of industry organizations and an academic think tank, Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute.

Our faculty currently include:

  • Michael Weiss, Ph.D., President and Founder, WorkingBuildings
  • John McFarland, Principal and Director of Engineered Systems, WorkingBuildings
  • John Heckman, Ph.D., Director, Five Winds International
  • Steve Baer, Senior Consultant, Five Winds International
  • Josh Hendry, B.Sc. Env., Analyst, Five Winds International
  • Don Davenport, Executive Vice President, EMC Engineers, Inc.
  • Carl Lundstrom, P.E., CCP, Vice President of Facility Services, EMC Engineers
  • Kimball L. Peed, PMP, Senior Project Consultant, Draper & Associates
  • John Adams, PE/LEED AP, Senior Research Consultant, Georgia Institute of Technology

Among the first courses in the commissioning curriculum are:

  • The Commissioning Process for the Building Owner
  • Commissioning Procurement for Public Buildings Using QBS
  • Commissioning Buildings For Energy and Atmosphere Credit
  • Commissioning Health Care Facilities
  • The ROI of Commissioning

CSLS University commissioning courses are delivered and credited entirely online, making it easy to access the content and earn credit anytime, anywhere. Courses currently qualify for continuing education credit with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), USGBC and the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI). Additional accreditation is being sought from the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) and International Association for Continuing Education & Training (IACET).

"WorkingBuildings is pleased to contribute to CSLS University as a launch partner and advisor," said Dr. Weiss. "This unique and dynamic web-based platform will extend the reach of our courses to thousands more professionals. We are looking forward to seeing the benefits of that additional reach raise the standards in the industry reflected in the performance of many more buildings." For information about our faculty and a complete listing of commissioning courses, visit