Suppliers make NAHBGreen cert easier

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 21 - Home builders and consumers interested in certifying their homes to NAHBGreen, the NAHB National Green Building Program now have an added boost toward finding products to spec for building materials, appliances and fixtures.

Members of the National Council of the Housing Industry -- The Leading Suppliers of NAHB -- have begun to provide information about how their products' point values toward the various categories that make up the rating system used in the National Green Building Certification process.

Choosing these products can help ease the way toward certifying a home to the Bronze, Silver or Gold levels in NAHBGreen, said NAHB Chairman Sandy Dunn, a home builder in Pt. Pleasant, W. Va. "I congratulate these NCHI members for their support of NAHBGreen as we all work together toward more sustainable home building," she said.

Builders who want to incorporate these products and features should consult with an NAHB Research Center-accredited verifier, who can confirm how their inclusion will contribute to the point total and who will inspect the results.

Construction Materials:

  • Building with engineered wood products and trusses, certified wood products and certified solid wood, and using minimum-size structural elements all earn points in NAHBGreen's Resource Efficiency section, according to the American Forest and Paper Association -Points also are available by making efficient use of wood products through carefully planned layout and design - and builders should visit the association's Web site to determine how many points are possible. The AF&PA's online Wood Manuals can also help builders choose sizes and satisfy building codes. Visit
  • ARXX insulated concrete forms (ICF) can help build high-performance thermal envelopes for commercial and residential applications, contributing to 40 percent of the points under NAHBGreen sections on Lot Design, Preparation and Development; Resource Efficiency; and Indoor Environmental Quality. Using ARXX walls and foundations can minimize site disturbance, reduce the quantity of building material and waste, manage indoor air and improve energy efficiency. Visit
  • CertainTeed offers a number of products that may gain certification points: CedarBoards XL Single 7-inch Cedar Clapboard exterior siding is molded from real cedar boards and backed with extruded polystyrene insulation. Installing the product can contribute to earning as many as 22 points under the Resource Efficiency section. Northwoods Single 9-inch Staggered Rough-Split Shakes are molded from real cedar shakes and can also earn as many as 22 points. Chesterfield with CertaGrain privacy vinyl fence can earn up to 17 points under NAHBGreen's Resource Efficiency section. Chesterfield with CertaStucco won't crumble, peel, chip or crack due to settlement or stain and can also earn up to 17 points. Durham Aluminum Railing can earn a maximum of 17 points, Symphony Synthetic Slate Roofing can earn as many as eight points. CertaSpray Foam Insulation can contribute to earning up to 135 points. Platon Air Gap Waterproofing Membrane can contribute to earning up to seven NAHBGreen points. Visit www.
  • DuPont Tyvek Weatherization Systems help seal and protect the building envelope and can earn up to 49 points in the Resource Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality and Global Impact sections of the rating system. Visit
  • NAHBGreen can award six points for using a demand-controlled recirculation loop or an engineered parallel piping system and eight points for a central core plumbing system -- all with water volume limits. FBC Building Solutions FlowGuard Gold CPVC piping, FlowGuard Flex PEX piping and the FlowGuard MultiPort CPVC manifold system feature superior corrosion-resistance and are not affected by aggressive chlorinated water found in recirculation systems. In addition, the FlowGuard MultiPort manifold allows for any number of ports during installation while easily accommodating future expansion. Visit
  • Sherwin-Williams applies its GreenSure designation to coatings that offer long-term durability, have the highest indoor air quality ratings with low VOCs and low odor, and meet or exceed the most stringent VOC standards. Sherwin-Williams offers four GreenSure designated-products -- Duration Home, Harmony, ProGreen 200 and Builders Solution Topcoat, any of which can help to contribute as many as six points under the Global Impact section 7.1.2 of the rating system. Visit


  • Carrier offers the Infinity Air Purifier, part of its complete Infinity system, which can earn up to 30 points in the Indoor Environmental Quality section of NAHBGreen. The purifier captures and kills up to 99 percent of airborne allergens, bacteria, molds and viruses in treated air. The Infinity system includes a control with optional remote access technology, gas furnace, heat pump or air conditioner, evaporator coil, air purifier, humidifier, UV lamp and ventilator. The system can save home owners on utility bills and provide lasting comfort year-round. Visit
  • With its large portfolio of water-conserving toilet, urinal and faucet technologies, Kohler seeks to offer the most choices in water-saving products for both residential and commercial applications, offering high-performing plumbing products that do not compromise design. Each low-flow Kohler showerhead or faucet earns two points and Kohler toilets earn four or six points in the Water Efficiency section. Additionally, Kohler offers kitchen and bath products constructed of Kohler Cast Iron, composed of 93% recycled and reclaimed materials. Visit
  • Lennox has developed equipment systems that help builders meet NAHBGreen scoring requirements and provide a high level of comfort to home owners while helping to ease the pain of rising utility costs. As a system of products, each package is able to supply comfortable temperatures as well as fresh, clean air in the home. These systems qualify for up to 19 points under the Energy Efficiency section, and up to 25 points under the Indoor Environmental Quality section. Visit
  • The Uponor D'MAND Hot Water Delivery System features a pump activated by a button or a motion sensor located near the plumbing fixture. Once the pump activates, hot water reaches the fixture in seconds. A temperature sensor detects when the water arrives and automatically turns off the pump, eliminating waste. Installing a D'MAND system earns six points under the Water Efficiency section of NAHBGreen. Uponor PEX-a tubing features a tight bend radius for the least amount of connections; resists scale buildup as well as corrosion, pitting and scaling; dampens rushing water noise and eliminates water hammer and singing pipes; retains more heat in hot-water lines and resists condensation on cold-water lines. It can earn up to nine points under the Water Efficiency section. Doors, Windows, Flooring, Cabinets and Countertops. Visit
  • Durable, easy to maintain and low-VOC emitting, DuPont Corian solid surfaces and DuPont Zodiaq quartz surfaces come in hundreds of colors and can be custom cut and installed. The products can contribute to obtaining as many as eight points for recycled-content, locally available materials and low-VOC sealants under the NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines. Visit
  • EverStrand carpet by Mohawk Industries can provide home owners exceptional stain resistance with superb color clarity. Mohawk recycles more than three billion plastic bottles each year, turning each one into eco-friendly EverStrand carpet. When combined with Mohawk's recovered hardwood flooring or recycled laminate flooring, builders can earn a full six points under the Resource Efficiency section. Visit
  • ODL door glass blinds are available in a wide range of styles that meet Energy Star criteria as installed in steel or fiberglass doors. The blinds can slash reduce solar heat gain while providing natural light with privacy control - and never need dusting. As part of an energy-efficient building envelope, ODL door glass blinds help NAHB Green-certified homes perform above IECC 2003 to earn anywhere from 37 to 100 points. When installed in rooms without windows, ODL tubular skylights provide soft natural light and earn two points. Visit
  • Uponor Radiant Floor Heating Systems work with all types of flooring and don't circulate dirt, dust or other indoor pollutants. Installing an Uponor radiant system can earn up to 100 points under the Energy Efficiency section. Visit
  • Sierra Pacific Windows are beautiful, durable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Every Sierra Pacific window and door carries the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) product label as proof of third-party certification for sustainability. Sierra Pacific products also qualify for points under NAHBGreen in the following categories: Section 2, Resource Efficiency, for durability and reduced maintenance, renewable materials, certified wood products and innovative options; and Section 3, Energy Efficiency. Visit
  • Therma-Tru Doors can help contribute seven points apiece under the Resource Efficiency section of NAHBGreen by requiring no additional finish, using recycled content and containing fewer resources than traditional products such as wood. They can also meet requirements for the Energy Efficiency and Indoor Environmental Quality sections. Verifiers should confirm installation of energy-related features; ensure that doors are flashed, caulked and sealed properly; and check that the door between the garage and living areas is sealed tightly. Visit
  • Under the NAHBGreen Energy Efficiency section, up to eight points are available for Energy StarĀ®-rated windows and two points are available when tubular skylights, such as the VELUX Sun Tunnel, are used in rooms without windows. As many as 10 points can be earned for skylights that consume less than two percent of the finished ceiling area and include shades and insulated light wells. Up to eight points are available for exterior shading and cross ventilation, both available with the VELUX VSE Electric venting skylight. The company has several other models that achieve the same results.
  • Timberlake Cabinetry has achieved the highest level of certification under the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) sponsored by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. This certification earns builders two points in NAHBGreen. In addition, Timberlake cabinetry is manufactured in regional facilities near major building markets -- reducing fuel consumption and its total carbon footprint -- and from nearly 95 percent verified sustainable American hardwoods.


  • Progress Lighting offers a wide variety of decorative, Energy Star-qualified fixtures in a number of styles, designs and finishes. The Westin CFL indoor fixture family and the Westport outdoor CFL lantern series offer aesthetic appeal and an advanced Energy Star lighting package can earn seven NAHBGreen points. Recessed lighting fixtures installed within the conditioned envelope can earn seven points. Progress Lighting's new 4- and 6-inch LED recessed downlights rival PAR20 halogens. At 50,000 hours, the LEDs will provide 70 percent of initial lumens and are available in warm white 2700K (incandescent) and 3500K (halogen) CCT and dimmable to 20 percent of full output. Visit
  • By Schneider Electric, Juno and Aculux Down-Lites offer a large selection of Energy Star-qualified housings and a wide variety of compatible trims. Dimming options provide the look and feel of incandescent lighting with the energy savings of compact fluorescent lighting and can earn points in the Energy Efficiency section. The Pro-Fluorescent series features extruded aluminum construction in a shallow, easy-to-conceal 1-inch profile. Square D Occupancy Sensors reduce wasted energy by shutting off lights in unoccupied rooms or areas. Each one, when installed in an NAHB Green-certified home, earns four points per sensor in the Energy Efficiency section. Visit