Fire Features

Elena Colombo, owner of Brooklyn, N.Y.- based Colombo Construction, truly enjoys the creation of art that functions and blends with exterior environments. Her eye-catching Fire Features offer more than just appearances — they are fueled with gas or wood.

“I work very closely with builders and architects; they are my main clientele. I’ll take their site plan and integrate what is necessary, such as regulators and shut-off valves; there are a lot of guts to these [products],” Colombo says.

“We plan the gas piping and controls because of their site specs.” Ninety percent of the Fire Features operate with gas, and some of Colombo’s Fire Bowls products are wood-burning.

Colombo offers a range of Fire Features that can be found by visiting Materials include mild steel, stainless steel, Corten steel, copper and bronze. “The lead times are three to six months, depending on the feature. The Fire Bowls are manufactured so they are shipped in four to six weeks,” Colombo says. Because the Fire Features are custom to each architect’s specifications, lead times are longer.

Colombo does some on-site custom installations depending on the product. “I prefer to ship it, but if it’s a large job then it’s much easier to put the decorative parts on-site,” she says. “I ship anything I can to the site, and then come in and do the decorative parts.”

Fire Features can be included in both new construction and retrofit projects. “Fire Features are usually the last pieces that go into new construction. It’s in everyone’s best interest to work on everything before pipe has been laid. Everything is custom, and designed to work directly with the architect and builder; we do full-service CAD drawings,” she adds.

“I love creating art that works. I love building something that I thought of and working with talented people,” Colombo says. “Working with fire is something I enjoy doing — fire means a lot to me as a person and an artist.”
Architects, designers and builders interested in Fire Features should contact Colombo Construction directly. For more information on Fire Features, visit or indicate #16 on e-Inquiry.