Momentum Swing

So we made it through another year. Well ... almost. Now what?

It’s time to start building momentum to carry you into and through 2009. Momentum shouldn’t be difficult to develop, especially if you stop to take note of some significant developments and use them as a springboard for generating business activity. Consider the following milestones:

The presidential election is over. How many times in recent months have homeowners told you they were waiting until the elections were over to start large projects, or make big investments? It’s time to give them a call.

The stock market has hit its low point. There are some who believe the huge one-day drop on Oct. 10 signified the low point of the market’s slide. Of course, by the time this magazine hits your desk investors may have proved me wrong, but most likely the worst is behind us.

The banking bailout has begun. The government has begun enacting the banking bailout passed in October by using the money for its intended purpose, making it easier for banks to lend to each other, thus opening up lines of credit to consumers and homebuyers.

Interest rates are low. The Fed has lowered interest rates almost as low as they can go. Consumers who had been waiting to buy a new car, or a new home, can take out loans at fantastic rates now that the bailout is under way.

Houses are affordable. Falling home values means good news for home buyers. Housing recovery can’t begin until houses begin selling, and today’s low prices are in line with sustainable, affordable levels. Finally, those on the sidelines waiting for their chance to snap up an affordable deal on the American dream can do so, thus lowering unsold inventory levels.

The new year is upon us. The first day of January always generates a lot of energy within people looking for fresh starts. How many clients have told you they’re waiting until the new year to buy a new house, a new car, or to remodel their home? Start calling them now.

Together, the impact of these milestones generates plenty of momentum in the right direction. The momentum is pushing the nation’s economy into the early stages of recovery, and you must be ready to capitalize.

The surprising severity of the nation’s economic collapse this year may have caught you off guard, but now that we’re in the thick of it you know what you’re in for next year. There will be no excuse for not being prepared.

Some of you have prepared by already diversifying into remodeling, commercial and retail work. Others have trimmed the company fat, or have adjusted your pricing or other processes to ensure your firm is operating as efficiently as possible.

Whatever your strategy is, follow through, plan accordingly and start building momentum.