CCI announces new hands-on class

Raleigh NC – October 10, 2008 – Lane Mangum, customer service director of The Concrete Countertop Institute, has announced The Concrete Countertop Institute’s new, hands-on, GFRC for Concrete Countertops 201 class. Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) for Concrete Countertops 201 is an essential class for concrete countertop industry professionals looking to move beyond the standard kitchen and bathroom slabs on boxes. GFRC 201 will offer innovative solutions and teach crucial methods and techniques for building lightweight, strong concrete that can be used in an unlimited number of shapes and sizes. The class will also feature techniques for creating large, complex, three-dimensional countertops, islands, tables, sinks, fireplaces and more.

Using GFRC for concrete countertops offers numerous advantages due to its structural properties, lighter weight, speed and efficiency. GFRC derives its strength from high concentrations of AR glass fibers and acrylic polymer. While compressive strength of GFRC can be quite high (due to low water to cement ratios and high cement contents), it is the very high flexural and tensile strengths that make it superior to ordinary concrete. Essentially, the high content of fibers carries the tensile loads and the high polymer content makes the concrete flexible without cracking. GFRC is the best way to cast complex, three-dimensional pieces because it is quick and easy to execute, produces robust pieces and is much lighter than solid concrete. GFRC is also environmentally friendly, as it is on par with various other forms of concrete countertops.

“GFRC offers tremendous advantages in comparison to solid concrete countertops,” said Jeff Girard, owner of The Concrete Countertop Institute. “Understanding and having the capability to offer GFRC to your clients is definitely worth having in your ‘bag of tricks,’ especially in today’s struggling economy. Having GFRC training will build your confidence in creating high quality, high performance concrete countertops, dramatically reduce the number of costly mistakes, ensure performance and take your business far beyond plain countertops.”

GFRC for Concrete Countertops 201 is scheduled approximately every four weeks at The Concrete Countertop Institute’s training facility in Raleigh, NC. Those interested in attending can register by visiting or calling 888-386-7711.

For more information about The Concrete Countertop Institute, visit or call 888-386-7711.