Clean Convenience

The Clean Chute from Enviro-Trash Concepts based in Merriam, Kan., is a product that brings convenience, better indoor air quality and trash recycling to the kitchen. “The Clean Chute is a product designed to make recycling a cleaner and easier process. It’s a small chute, like a laundry chute, that goes through the wall into an adjacent room such as a mud room or garage where you put your collection bin. [The user] pushes the door on the chute, drops the trash in it and it lands in the bin,” says Marilyn Oden-McGill, partner, Enviro-Trash Concepts.

The product is available in two models: Clean Chute 1000 and Clean Chute 2000. The Clean Chute 2000 splits into two separate chutes for easier sorting. The products are available in three metals: copper, brass or stainless steel. The stainless steel chute is comprised of either 80 percent reclaimed material or recycled content.

Enviro-Trash Concepts recently launched a product called The Clean Chute Countertop. “It’s an 8-in. by 8-in. square opening that cuts into the countertop. It’s unique because it includes a spring-hinge door that is heavily magnetized so when something is placed on top of the door, it doesn’t fall through,” Oden-McGill says; trash must be pushed through with force. No countertop space is lost because the user can work on the chute door without materials accidentally falling through it.
Builders and architects must ensure the product is placed in an area that can accommodate recycling material or trash. “[The chutes] are not insulated as they are designed to be in an enclosed space such as a garage, mud room or even an exterior chase-style enclosure similar to what is built around a gas fireplace ventilation system. This protects the chute and also keeps bugs and neighborhood pets away from the recycle and trash bins,” Oden-McGill adds.

Installation of The Clean Chute is not limited to the kitchen area and can be applied to other spaces. “It can be installed anywhere in the house. It’s great for the nursery room, or can even be used for a litter box. You can apply the counter unit and place the litter box on top of it so it’s easier to dump the litter when needed,” Oden-McGill says.

Builders or architects interested in purchasing The Clean Chute can contact Enviro-Trash Concepts directly. For more information visit or indicate #65 on e-Inquiry.