Half a million jobs lost since start of 2007

The continuing construction job loss crisis calls for an aggressive economic stimulus program focused on building America and creating jobs.

522,000 construction jobs have been lost since the start of 2007 and 22,000 constructions jobs were lost in the last month alone according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics

America needs immediate action to create jobs and that can be accomplished with a serious commitment to build America.

There is work to be done in the construction industry. The American Society of Civil Engineers gives the basic infrastructure of the United States a near-failing grade due to years of neglect and estimates that $1.6 trillion is needed over the next five years to build America.

If we redirect resources to building America, we can create millions of family supporting jobs. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that 47,500 good jobs can be created for every billion dollars of infrastructure investment.

Every month that goes by without a real commitment to build America costs thousands of jobs and wastes valuable time as our infrastructure, our economy and our employment situation continue to worsen.

Congress and those seeking the White House must show leadership and call for real economic stimulus in the form of a program to fix our decaying infrastructure. It is time to create jobs, recue our economy from recession and build America.