Foot Retreat

The Pedicure Spa from Kohler Co. meets the needs of clients looking for professional spa appeal in their own master suites.

As more homeowners add luxurious amenities in their master bathrooms, effectively eliminating the need to leave their homes for special treatments, products like this help custom home professionals meet homeowner demand.

“[The pedicure spa] includes a cast iron foot bath with a raised foot bed including ribs so you can get a massage by moving your feet. It has three jets and a client chair that is adjustable so you can move the chair closer to the foot bath. You can recline the back for easy adjustment. It also has a neck pillow and a tech chair with easy movement,” says Paula Forseth Dick, product manager, Kohler bathing products.

The Pedicure Spa was created when Kohler identified a need for a residential version of a clinical product. “It can be designed to be a fully coordinated nonclinical product. It’s a beautiful product that stands apart from what is currently available,” Forseth Dick says. In residential settings, it is often found in custom homes, frequently in the feminine section of a master suite.

The Pedicure Spa is designed as a tile-in product. “A professional should tile the product in as the structure is built around it. You can build steps up to it if desired — it’s a matter of preference to meet the décor,” she adds.

Considerations need to be made for the faucet’s location. “Using a plumbing professional, the faucet can be installed on either side of the foot bath. But you don’t want the faucet to impede where the person is entering or exiting the spa,” she adds. Another consideration is the location of the on-off switch and who will be activating the spa — the user or a technician. The on-off switch operates the jets in the spa.

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