NAHB Award Program Accepting Nominations

The benefits of winning the National Association of Home Builders’ Custom Builder of the Year award are numerous.

Stephen Hann, winner of the 2007 award, will tell you about the doors it has opened for his business, as well as the positive perception of his company it creates.

“I believe the notoriety my company has received has raised us on a national level,” says Hann, president, Hann Builders in Houston. “Plus, I’ve had a number of contacts from outside investors looking to invest in the Houston market. Winning the award created an opportunity for my company, more than I could get on my own. With investor input I can take advantage of more opportunities, especially in today’s lending environment.”

The national recognition is great, but the local attention was more difficult to come by, Hann explains. “I’m reminded of the phrase, ‘The prophet is less regarded in his own community.’ We’ve had to get the local word out ourselves.”

Hann had some help with local promotional efforts thanks to Chad Magleby, son of last year’s winner Paul Magleby. Chad pulled Hann aside after winning the award and showed Hann everything his father’s company did to locally promote their accomplishment. “They showed us everything they created, which allowed me to hit the ground running. There was no learning curve for us. It was amazing how generous they were,” Hann says.

Custom Builder Symposium

The Custom Builder of the Year award, sponsored again by Dryvit Systems, will be presented during the NAHB’s Custom Builder Symposium held Oct. 24-26 at the Hilton Austin in Austin, Texas. The winner will be announced during the luncheon on Saturday.

The highlight of the symposium is the education sessions targeted at custom builders. This year’s event will also feature several new design-oriented education sessions. An additional event that draws large crowds each year is the home tour, which takes place the Thursday before the symposium begins.

“My analysis of the symposium is education at the collegiate level,” Hann says. “You will not find a better venue for builders or remodelers. Period. The symposium is different from other conventions because it’s not a show. The focus is education, designed for and by custom builders. I think it’s the best educational opportunity out there. For anyone with less than 10 years in the business, this is a good chance to sharpen their skills and get to where they need to be.”

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