Cooking up Design

It’s no secret people like to enjoy the outdoors whenever possible. Troy Adams Design takes this trend and adds the Asian influence of Teppanyaki, a Japanese style of cooking on a large griddle built into a table. The Tepan Grill is the end result and can add the finishing touch a designer is looking for in an outdoor living area.

This grill features both gas and charcoal capabilities. “You get the flavor of charcoal with the assistance of gas to regulate the cooking process,” says Troy Adams, CEO and designer, Troy Adams Design in Los Angeles.

It features a unique installation style that allows for guests to sit at the ground level, consistent with the Teppanyaki style.

“Often in Asia, you would sit around the table with a cushion but that can be uncomfortable. This table is installed by digging a hole into the ground so you sit with your legs down in the ground. The hole is filled with concrete and then the table is mounted at a lower level. The table is at coffee table height when using a regular chair, and dining table height when your legs are recessed down into the ground,” Adams says.

Materials used for the countertop are numerous — granite, stone, synthetic, quartz or any other noncombustible material. Only one grill option is available. “Sizes of the table can vary. The minimum is 4 ft. by 4 ft. and we can do larger sizes,” he adds.

Requirements include having the ability to vent down through the ground as the table requires both electricity and gas connections. “We assist with the design and planning of each individual table so it’s customized to site conditions,” he says.
A general contractor can do the installation which Adams says is simple. “It basically requires hooking up the gas line, ventilation connection and bolting the table to the floor,” he says.

Designers and builders who are interested in the Tepan Grill should contact Adams before site concrete work is complete. For more information visit or indicate #78 on e-Inquiry.