Hire Certified Trades

A question crosses my mind quite often in reference to the synergies (or lack of) between different trades. Why aren’t all certified designers and builders actively seeking certified counterparts in the other trades? It seems logical, since architects are required to seek regular certified education units to maintain their industry status and builders likewise at some level. Why not find a certified residential electronic systems contractor to partner with to provide your customers with the appropriate blend of products and the most qualified services?

Similar to architects and builders, technology providers spend a great deal of time learning their craft. Many began as hobbyists with an interest in music or computers. A significant number of them have attended trade schools or universities and have advanced degrees in different specialties. Most spend many hours learning on the job which can prove to be every bit as important as the formal educational component.

Through existing associations, architects, builders and electronic systems contractors have many opportunities to continue their educations within their specific areas of expertise. All of these entities provide diverse educational programs that include testing and certification. Keeping up with change and implementing new approaches to providing products and services are key elements to success. Differentiation by certification also can be a valuable tool for marketing services.

Why does all this matter, you might ask? Almost everyone tries to stay competitive at some level, especially within the existing volatile home building marketplace. Builders and architects are competing for projects in an effort to stay in business.

The case is the same with the electronic systems contractor (ESC).

Too many design/build firms are pressured by the competitive nature of consumer pricing to cut corners; ESCs are faced with a similar dilemma. Many companies choose to discount their services which in many cases represent diminished integrity in design, service and process.

This is unfortunate because maintaining quality while requiring more work and expertise is always the best pathway to take. The savvy customer, when dealing with a savvy design/build firm, will realize the value of training, certification and experience vs. price and ultimately will choose the entity that provides the highest quality and service for a reasonable price.

As a quality design/build professional it could be in your best interest to consider this path when selecting your technology partner. I can assure you that your customers will thank you for a positive experience if you choose to utilize an electronic systems contractor firm that is fully educated and certified in all relevant technology disciplines. It is one thing to provide a great experience for the consumer but an entirely different scenario to make it a positive experience from start to finish.
If you don’t know where to find your technology partner, consider searching the CEDIA website, cedia.org, and use the dealer locator service to find a qualified and certified electronic systems contractor partner in your area.