Jaclo Industries steps into the world of luxury showering with its Dream Light rain canopy. This newest addition to Jaclo’s line of shower canopies features white LED lights and a drenching rain for a lavish shower experience.

The inspiration for the Dream Light canopy came from a designer’s request regarding a new luxury hotel. “We were asked by a design firm to make one with a fixed light. Then one thing led to another and now the rain canopy has LEDs,” says Larry Brodey, president and CEO, Jaclo Industries. Its standard option is a polished chrome finish with white lights.

However, Jaclo offers custom options to include other finishes and colored lights.

The Dream Light is offered in three sizes: 16-in. square with 360 jets and 10 lights; 16-in. by 20-in. rectangle with 372 jets and 12 lights; and a 16-in. diameter round model with 360 jets and eight lights. “All of the jets feature easy-to-clean, replaceable rubber jets. We created an anti-calcification easy-clean system. You literally rub your fingers over the rubber nips that act as jets and the calcium deposits break part,” Brodey says. “Originally it wasn’t accepted in the design world primarily because the color was an ugly green, but we’ve now developed grays and blacks that are accepted in the field.”

The rain canopy can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted. If it’s not mounted flush, the shortest length of the rain canopy is 5½ in., or is available in custom lengths. Architects and builders need to keep in mind that correct blocking in the ceiling needs to be in place as well as an electrical outlet that is not exposed, Brodey adds. The rain canopy hooks up to a standard half-inch iron pipe connection and requires no special electrical or plumbing work.

Brodey adds that this rain canopy should be used in addition to standard showerheads, and should not replace them. “It’s a rain canopy so the water falls on you like rain. It’s not a high-pressure showerhead and is not intended for everyday use. It’s a luxury specialty item,” he says.

Jaclo is working on the next innovation for the Dream Light. “The next step is an LED array where you can have multiple color lights. We are also working with a variable color wheel for fiber optics,” Brodey says.

For more information on Jaclo’s Dream Light, specify custom products that can be manufactured on the jobsite.
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