Convincing Your Customer: Using a RRP Sell Book

Before you get in the truck for your next estimate, consider borrowing a page from the playbook of successful sales professionals.   One of the sales techniques of successful salespeople is using a customized "sell book" - a three-ring binder with articles and information from third-party resources that prove the sales points being made.

Imagine the next time you are talking with a potential customer and they say "You are the first contractor to tell me this," or "I've never heard of this," that you can show documentation to prove your point.

The same holds true for customers who are skeptical about the dangers of lead-paint dust and may want to do the work themselves. has collected a number of resources and suggestions for items that can be ncluded in your RRP Sell Book. 

To make your "Sell Book" an effective sales tool, create a three-ring binder with the hard copy of the listed resources below.  We've included links to these resources so you can quickly put together a sell book by downloading these documents. These documents would be in addition to the "Renovate Right" brochure.

Each week we provide additional information and articles that can also be appropriate to include, such as our May industry news article "Remodeler Accidentally Exposes Daughter to Lead Paint " about the contractor who came home with lead dust on his clothes and caused elevated lead levels in his daughter's blood. 

Here are some resources to help you overcome common customer objections: