How to Report RRP Violations

Somewhere in the Midwest, a lead-safe certified renovator passes by a pre-1978 worksite that he bid on a few months ago and sees a competitor's truck.  With the front door open, he sees workers sanding the walls in the home's front entry with no plastic sheeting and no dust containment equipment.

At the same time, in a Southwest city, another lead-safe contractor keeps losing business to a lower-priced competitor who he suspects is not following the RRP rule.

In either case, there is a way for contractors to anonymously turn in suspected RRP violations to the EPA. 

The general EPA website to report an "environmental violation" is  Here you can quickly complete on on-line form without disclosing your name or contact information.  Keep in mind, the more information and details that you can provide, the easier it will be for the EPA to follow-up on your complaint.

The form asks for the suspected violator's name, address, city and state along with the date of violation, if known. You do not need to know all this information to file a complaint.  In fact, there is additional space on the eletronic form to more fully explain your information and provide details.For example, if you do not know the violator's name, you can write "Unknown" in the provided "name" box, then provide the address of the suspected worksite and why you suspect a violation.

In some regions, the local EPA has an option to posting on the national Hotline with websites that are created just for reporting RRP violations.

If you live in the Pacific Southwest (EPA Region 9), which includes California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, and the Pacific Islands, you can log onto the Agency's RRP Complaint Hotline at and submit the electronic form.

For contractors in the New England area (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont), the electronic complaint form is located at

If you are more comfortable either faxing or using snail-mail, you can download a detailed Word document form along with a full list of RRP contacts in each EPA region.  This document also contains contact phone numbers, fax numbers, emails and mailing addresses.  The form, "Report of Suspected Violations of US EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule Requirements" is found on the National Center for Healthy Housing website under "resources."

As lead-safe certified contractors and renovators, you are the "boots on the ground" across the country, and can be pivotal in tracking down RRP violators.  Now you can report suspected violations in a number of ways, and can do it anonymously, if you so choose.

(NOTE: We have added a direct link to report EPA RRP suspected violations on our site under "Links")