Clean and ‘Green’ Lead Kitchen Cabinet Offerings

While traditional-style cabinets still lead the pack when it comes to the kitchen, transitional and contemporary designs continue to gain significant market share. The clean lines and streamlined look of these styles is even influencing the traditional style, which is far less ornate than in years past. This trend is a direct reflection of the desire for less fuss and more functionality on the part of the consumer, who is enmeshed in a world that is crammed with too much to do and not enough time to do it.

Today’s consumer is also increasingly interested in kitchen cabinet products that are healthier for the home, and made in an environmentally responsible way. These “green” cabinets are being incorporated into many lines, and in some cases, even becoming a cornerstone of the company’s business.

Choice, however, remains the key to doing business in this market, and kitchen cabinet manufacturers are rising to requests for different wood species, design styles, and finishes, paints and glazes. Designers have virtually unlimited options from which to choose to provide each customer a personalized kitchen design.

Kitchen & Bath Design News’ 25th annual “Kitchen Cabinet Style & Design Guide” is designed to provide current and key information to help cabinet specifiers keep abreast of the types of products being offered. Featuring over 300 companies, this 24-page guide is a year-round reference tool for specifiers.

Information provided in this listing includes type of cabinets manufactured, target markets, number of dealers and distributors, geographic boundaries of distribution, delivery methods and more.

Since cabinet lines and offerings change frequently, KBDN suggests that product specifiers contact the companies listed directly when additional information is required.