Appliances Shine in Indoor and Outdoor Kitchens

Today’s homeowners are making the most of their square footage by not only expanding and upgrading their indoor kitchens, but by adding outdoor kitchens to their living spaces. Thanks to the innovations offered by kitchen appliance manufacturers, these rooms can mirror each other with their gourmet cooking and entertaining possibilities, or act as complementary parts of a whole that each serve a distinctive and purposeful function.

Exceptional quality, innovative technology and high style are the hallmarks of the appliances being incorporated into each of these spaces. Easy-to-use options that take the art of cooking to a whole new level allow even novice cooks to prepare culinary delights for family and friends. Refrigeration specifically designed for produce, meat, beverages and wine keeps food at optimal temperatures and the peak of flavor. And dishwashers and disposers make clean up at the end of a meal a snap for homeowners.

On this and the next nine pages, Kitchen & Bath Design News presents its annual guide of kitchen appliance manufacturers and their products, to keep readers abreast of the latest products and services available.

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