Survey Shows Potential in Outdoor Kitchens

CHARLOTTE, NC— For today’s homeowners and designers, the integration of an outdoor kitchen into the home is a great investment. Using the appropriate materials to incorporate all indoor kitchen amenities into the outside area allows designers to prosper in the growing outdoor kitchen market.

That is the key conclusion that emerges from a recently released qualitative survey conducted by The Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI), an independent organization of manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and publications whose revenues come from sales-related kitchen activities, including kitchen remodeling.

The survey, “Kitchen Shorts: Summer’s Almost Here,” whose results were recently released to is the latest in a series of studies conducted by RICKI. The results support the growing body of evidence pointing to an upswing in interest in outdoor kitchen spaces.

The goal of “Kitchen Shorts,” Gallagher said, was to gain knowledge about outdoor kitchens from industry professionals.
In the survey, designers were asked about the most often requested features and products, their experiences in these spaces, trends they saw in these areas and whether they saw the trend continuing.

As outdoor kitchens gain popularity in America, trends among clients’ selections are frequently similar. Some of these include:

  • The incorporation of all indoor kitchen amenities into the outside space is one of the biggest priorities of outdoor kitchen design. Having a top-notch working grill is the leading request, while refrigerators, dishwashers and outdoor sinks are among the must-have products for the area.
  • Regional climates also dictate the essentials of an outdoor kitchen. Designers stressed the importance of designing for each individual environment, as the criteria changes slightly from area to area throughout the country.
  • Concrete countertops and stainless steel appliances are some of the key materials used in outdoor kitchen spaces. Designers additionally noted the lack of suitable products available for outdoor kitchens, specifically in dishwashers and countertops, as well as the lack of various sizes of certain products.
  • Of the projects completed, designers found a number of things they could improve upon. Among these improvements, better access to electricity and gas outlets, plenty of insulation and heat, and consideration of the natural outdoor elements are viewed as some of the more imperative changes that need to be implemented.
  • The trend toward outdoor kitchens is looked upon as a developing profit center, according to many of the designers on the panel. Survey respondents noted casual dining and using the natural entertainment element of the outdoors as some of the primary reasons for the growing popularity of outdoor kitchens.

Additional information about RICKI’s “Kitchen Shorts” survey can be obtained by visiting the organization’s Web site at