Fabrication Facility Opened in Florida

Miami — Stone Systems of Florida, a fabricator serving the area around Miami, has opened a new facility, “designed with the environment in mind,” corporate officials announced.

The new 30,000-sq.-ft. Stone Systems’ South Florida stone fabrication plant will produce 40 to 50 kitchens of Cosentino’s Silestone quartz and “SenSa” granite surfaces each day, and “is considered a model for production and energy efficiency, water conservation and recycling in the stone industry,” said general manager Kurt Thiemer.

“Stone Systems of South Florida has invested in the best technology to preserve the environment, while our building’s green features reduce environmental costs,” he added.

Water, the primary resource used in cutting, polishing and keeping diamond blades cool during the stone fabrication process, will be preserved through a custom reclamation system that captures water used in fabrication and then filters it for reuse, Thiemer observed.

To conserve energy, special natural light canisters have been placed throughout Stone System’s roof to help eliminate overhead lighting during most months of the year. In addition, Silestone MURO tiles are made from 100%-recycled Silestone quartz created during fabrication, resulting in closed-loop recycling, reducing the amount of waste to the environment and maximizing the sustainability of quartz, the company added.

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