Organizations Partner On Home Ventilation

Boise, ID — The Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) and the Healthy House Institute (HHI) have formed a partnership aimed at imparting an understanding of the principles of residential ventilation and an awareness of the technologies available to facilitate it, the organizations announced.

“Consumers are hungry for information on how to improve ventilation in today’s tighter homes while conserving energy and making wise equipment choices,” said Jacki Golike, executive director for HVI, and Allen Rathey, president of the Healthy House Institute.

“This partnership will help to promote healthy living and the benefits of leading a greener lifestyle all while providing consumers with the information they desire,” the officials added.

HVI and HHI will provide expertise and technical knowledge for each other, the two organizations noted.

The HVI, founded in 1955, is a nonprofit association of manufacturers of home ventilating products. The HHI provides consumers with information to make their homes healthier.

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