June 2008’s Featured Tomes

The Best of Signature Baths

By Signature Kitchens and Baths Magazine
Creative Homeowner, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

The Best of Signature Baths, written by Signature Kitchens and Baths Magazine and published by Creative Homeowner, features some 100 bathroom designs created by top designers. All bathroom projects featured include a floorplan and full information about each designer.

The introduction examines how to change a bath into a private relaxation space and lists contact information for designers who are members of the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

The book begins with “Some Basics,” showing specific lines and products that can be used to create a spa-like atmosphere.

This section is segmented into categories including “Total Joy Whirlpool Baths,” “Little Extras,” “Let it Rain” and “Bathtub Bliss.”

The book then presents a wide array of baths in a variety of styles. The first bathroom features a universally accessible design, illustrating some stylish options that can be used to create a highly functional and accessible bath, without compromising aesthetics. From the raised countertops and deep sinks to the large shower door and two drains, this Old English style bath maximizes efficiency and ease of use.

In another design, mahogany cabinets, a semi-frameless shower door and a removable tile panel hiding the motor of the whirlpool bath assist in transforming a space from a traditional white bathroom into a tranquil retreat.

“A Suite Match” showcases a Georgian master bath that is updated to the modern age by incorporating his-and-her vanities with a fluted column design mirrored on the built-in linen closets, a walk-in shower, a separate water closet and a sink integrated into the countertop.

The book features over 250 full-color photos and ends with an appendix of bathroom templates.

Outdoor Kitchens

By Joseph R. Provey and Owen Lockwood Creative Homeowner, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

Outdoor Kitchens, written by Joseph R. Provey and Owen Lockwood and published by Creative Homeowner, details the importance of outdoor kitchens in the modern world.

A cooking appliance, food preparation surface and storage are “must haves” in the outdoor kitchen setup, the authors note, adding that a stricter definition of the outdoor kitchen includes a sink with running water and refrigeration.

The first five chapters in Part One delve into the placement of outdoor kitchens, including the best direction for sun exposure, the relevance of building a windscreen or windbreak, electrical hookup consideration and checking for sun, shade and direction of wind when determining the building site.

Then, safety issues and tips for protecting the outdoor kitchen from the elements are addressed.

The book also includes an examination of proper appliance selection based on the homeowner’s planned usage and meal preparation habits.

Part Two discusses storage options with special attention paid to cabinets and countertops, while the final chapter in this section discusses dining areas.

Part Three gives various examples of outdoor kitchens showcasing different design styles.