Dealers Consider Expanding Business Platforms

Kitchen & Bath Design News recently posed the question to dealers and designers in the kitchen and bath industry: “Will your firm be venturing into any new areas in the coming year?” Following are some of their responses:

“We will be expanding into different areas this year, including remodeling entertainment centers, family rooms and recreation rooms. We have a 5,000-sq.-ft. showroom that we’re in the process of remodeling to incorporate these new additions to our repertoire.

We’re really not adding any new products, however, although we will have some new electronics that we are putting in. It’s really more to show people mud rooms with lockers and dryers in there as part of our display. Also planned is a section where we’re going to do a family room in the showroom so people can see what that would look like.

We’re doing this so people can get a feel for what it’s going to look like in their home, which is similar to what we’re doing with the entertainment centers.

We’re in the middle of designing the showroom and once we have that finished we’ll have a better idea of what to do for the rest of it.

We decided to go in this direction because customers are often asking us if we do these types of rooms. Since our name is Milwaukee Kitchen and Bath Studio, they think we only do kitchens and baths. With this venture we’ll be able to change the focus a bit [to other areas throughout the entire home].”

Paul Greenspan, president
Milwaukee Kitchen and Bath Studio
Milwaukee, WI

“We’re currently in the process of remodeling our showroom. We’re also putting in some new displays this year. In fact, one kitchen is coming in this week and the other is nearly finished. We have a double bathroom display going in. We’re a Wood-Mode dealer, so the new cabinets coming in are Wood-Mode’s second line, Brookhaven. We’re also working on putting in a full kitchen display.

In our showroom now, we have the Louisburg design, which is an inset door; it’s what I’d call a little more old fashioned design theme. The knotty cherry kitchen is more of a country, rustic look, and the bathrooms are in a Cape Cod style.
So, overall we’re just trying to keep ourselves busy.”

Robin Long, designer
Kitchen/Interior Showcase
Spokane, WA

“I guess the one thing we are looking at this year is revamping our showroom. Right now we’re doing kitchens and baths and offering full service for both of those areas. We do a little bit of entertainment center work, studies, family rooms and that kind of thing, but that’s less of our work.

I guess the big thing is trying to revamp and maybe add a cabinet line. We have several in mind that we hope to look at during the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show to get more information and finalize that.

As far as revamping the showroom, we would change the displays and perhaps move a little bit more beyond cabinets. Maybe we’ll get some tile selections, and incorporate some more plumbing. We really are still in the stages of looking at the showroom and trying to decide what we want to do to it overall.

At the same time, we’re looking to maintain the advertising schedule that we’ve been doing, but we’re not adding to it at this time.”

Rich Norman, owner and manager
Kitchen & Bath Design Center, Inc.
Ft. Collins, CO

“I’m involved in a big job down in Hattiesburg, MS right now. The residential project includes a kitchen, bathroom, utility room, outdoor kitchen and a pool kitchen. It’s a big job for a family’s private residence. It’s a Mediterranean-style house with a Moroccan feel to it. I hope that it will be featured in a major magazine. I believe it will be quite a showhouse when we’re finished with it. It’s a great job.

We’re looking at a couple of renovations this year already. We’re doing a showroom display for an appliance company and we’re doing a beautiful ultra-modern kitchen for a builder in April or May. It is a spec house and he’s in the process of selling it right now, so we’re waiting to hear about it. We’re staying as busy as we can.”

Mellany C. Kitchens, CKD, owner
Kitchens Unique
Madison, MS

“We have many kitchen projects going on right now. Mostly these are residential designs and typically they are remodel projects.

We filmed a commercial for the company a couple of months back, so that is currently running throughout our market. We were able to film a commercial and be in it ourselves, which was really interesting.

We’re working on some updates for the showroom this year. For instance, we will be getting rid of all of the outdated areas of the showroom and replacing those areas with new stuff. Our goal is to offer more things that are going to work with the customers as far as picking out colors and having everything all in one place. We’re just trying to make it easier for them [to make selections].

We follow an integrated design concept here as far as working to match your cabinets with your countertop and tile and have it all here. We’re just going to transform the showroom more and make it work more efficiently.

In the end, we just want to get everything as updated as possible and working as efficiently as possible for the customer.”

Sarah Luccarella, designer
Mike Kelly’s Kitchens
Bridgeton, NJ