New Service Program Implemented by Lasco

Anaheim, CA — Lasco Bathware, the Anaheim, CA-based manufacturer of bath fixtures, has unveiled a special “Builder Services Program,” enabling product decision-makers to “take projects of all sizes to increased levels of quality, with fewer call backs and faster time to market,” according to the company.

Lasco said the initiative represents “a one-stop resource for any construction professional who wants to cut product research, installation and follow-up costs without sacrificing quality.”

The program provides planning consultation and take-off suggestions, on-site advisors, installation teams that can navigate the intricacies of ADA compliance and follow-up work upon a project’s completion, the company said.

“With this program, [specifiers] can get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that bathware products have been installed in lock-step with manufacturer recommendations and local codes,” said Lasco official Mike Pugh.

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