NKBA to Offer CAD Option For Certification Exams

Hackettstown, NJ — The National Kitchen & Bath Association will offer candidates taking its design exams the option of using the traditional paper-and-pencil hand drafting approach or a modified CAD program, the NKBA announced.

The option, effective Sept. 20, 2008, pertains to candidates testing to obtain NKBA certification status as a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD), Certified Kitchen Educator (CKE), Certified Bath Designer (CBD) and/or Certified Bath Educator (CBE), the Hackettstown, NJ-based association said.

The new application form allows candidates to choose if they prefer hand drafting or CAD, according to the NKBA. If they choose CAD, they will be prompted to select the program they prefer. Initially, there are three choices: 20-20 Technologies, Autokitchen/AutoCAD and Fusion (formerly Planit’s Fusion). In the future, other CAD options may be available, NKBA officials said.

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