Program for Dealers Introduced by Julien

Quebec City — Julien Home Refinements, the Quebec City-based manufacturer of stainless steel kitchen sinks and related products, has introduced a “Dealers of Distinction” program, an initiative in which Julien invests in showrooms that have demonstrated “the potential to grow the Julien brand,” the company announced.

The program, which also highlights dealers who have displayed loyalty to the Julien product line, is intended to provide greater exposure of Julien product displays at specific showrooms.

“This program is a wonderful way to give recognition to our dealers who have shown their support and commitment to the Julien program,” said Julien National Sales Manager Heidi Finch.

“With the DOD program Julien has committed to invest more in specific showrooms to provide them with greater media exposure in association with the Julien brand.”

“Julien is looking to increase its revenue through focused dealers who have a dedicated interest in growing the line,” Finch said,

In addition to top-notch Julien displays, Dealers of Distinction will receive increased brand recognition through a wide range of marketing initiatives, according to Julien officials.

Dealers of Distinction will also be the first to receive incoming leads from Julien customer service, the company added.
Participating dealers will be asked to commit to a sales forecast and a brief outline of events and mailings with approximate launch dates, the company noted.

In addition, they will be asked to participate in certain display requirements and a stocking program, corporate officials added.

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