KCMA Environmental Program Gaining Ground

Orlando, FL — About 90 cabinet manufacturers have embraced the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) introduced in 2006 by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, with the program continuing to attract increasing attention all the time, according to the KCMA.

Officials of the Reston, VA-based KCMA, including executive v.p. Dick Titus and president Bill Weaver, updated the press last month regarding the status of the ESP.

The briefing took place during special “Green Day” events at the International Builders’ Show in Orlando. The KCMA was a sponsor of “Green Day,” a day-long event that included educational sessions, presentations and the launch of the NAHB’s “Green Building Program.”

“We are proud to be sponsoring such a momentous occasion and supporting the building industry as this positive environmental program moves forward,” Titus said. “Green Day completely aligns with KCMA and ESP’s objective of educating and leading the industry towards environmental responsibility.

“Our sponsorship demonstrates not only our commitment to driving sustainability and leading our industry to adopt sound environmental practices, but that we fully support the NAHB’s efforts to do the same.”

The KCMA, Weaver said, will continue to build on ESP “and encourage manufacturers to work towards a sustainable future.”

“ESP has grown rapidly over the past year and we expect this growth to continue as cabinet manufacturers seek ways to demonstrate their commitment to protecting the environment,” he said.

ESP provides cabinet manufacturers with the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to environmentalism by taking part in a voluntary program that provides guidelines for environmentally sound manufacturing processes.

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