New Energy Legislation Applauded by AHAM

Washington, DC — The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers has applauded the signing into law of the “Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007,” a comprehensive energy bill which AHAM said includes “several historic provisions to improve energy efficiency and maintain federal preemption for home appliances.”

“AHAM is pleased with the enactment of this comprehensive energy bill” said Joseph M. McGuire, president of the Washington, DC-based AHAM. “The law demonstrates once again that home appliances are in the forefront of energy efficiency and provide real solutions for consumers wishing to do their part to save energy.

The enacted legislation codifies an agreement between industry and energy and water advocacy organizations to establish the strictest federal energy efficiency standards to date for residential clothes washers, and dishwashers, and for the first time, will also include national water limit requirements for these products. The law also sets energy standards for dehumidifiers and requires the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to consider revisions of current refrigerator energy efficiency standards.

The new energy and water standards, according to AHAM, will result in a savings of up to 3.3 Quads of energy and nearly 11 million acre feet of water over 30 years, the equivalent of over two and a half years of domestic water use in the U.S. The standards will also save consumers up to $14.7 billion in utility payments, AHAM said.

According to AHAM, additional legislation still pending in Congress would supplement the new appliance standards with tax credits to manufacturers to produce “super efficient” products.

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