‘Remodeled’ Logo Unveiled by NKBA

Hackettstown, NJ — Reflecting “its importance in an industry completely familiar with upgrades and makeovers,” the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) has introduced a “remodeled” logo that “ushers in an exciting phase in the kitchen and bath industry,” the association announced.

With efforts focused on increasing consumer awareness of the benefits of remodeling, the NKBA’s new, upgraded logo “stands as a strong representation of the association’s image,” association leaders said.

“The letters are clean, timeless and bold, a straightforward announcement of the kitchen and bath association’s growth and strength. The wave flowing through the acronym represents water, a central theme that unites the kitchen and bath segments.”

Said 2007 NKBA president Bob Garner, CMKBD: “I believe the new NKBA logo portrays the association’s position as the forward-thinking leader of the industry. Its bold and powerful design strengthens the NKBA’s presence as the authority on kitchens and baths.”

“The new logo takes the NKBA to the next level,” added CEO Michael Kelly. “As we continue to gain members and offer more resources, our new mark will [reflect] that we are continuing to raise the bar for our industry.”

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