PMI Assists Town In Water-Savings Effort

Orme, TN — Mayor Tony Reames of Orme TN, has a strong message for drought-starved cities: Fix the leaky toilets and faucets and install water control fixtures before they run out of water.

In a local campaign called “Save the Water Race,” volunteers from companies across the nation, along with local businesses and residents, recently installed water-saving fixtures for this tiny town of 145 residents, left with only three hours of water per day by a severe drought.

“We were in a water crisis and we had to act to stop the leaks, but we never imagined we could save over 140 gallons per household per day,” Reames commented. “In one day, we went from three hours of water usage to twelve hours, and we still had water in the community tower.

“Orme has proven any town can save water without requiring lifestyle changes inside the home.”

Seven major plumbing manufacturers and suppliers, supported by the Plumbing Manufacturers Institute, donated new fixtures or services for every home.

According to the Rolling Meadows, IL-based PMI, Brass Craft Manufacturing Company donated shut-off stops and connectors to provide protection from future leaks, while Delta Faucet Company donated showerheads designed to use 36% less water and aerators which use 32% less.

In addition, Gerber 1.6-gpf high-performance toilets were installed, along with Bemis toilet seats made of recycled materials. H2O Guard, Inc. supplied valves that measure the amount of water needed to fill the tank, while maintaining future flush settings and stopping leaks. Global Dehumidification Solutions Inc. teamed up with Steamatic to provide clean-up and document leaks that existed prior to the new installations.

“What these companies did is truly remarkable,” said Reames. “From ‘green’ materials to water-saving products, they showed up ready to go.”

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