Water walls

H2O Water Walls add another layer to water features by offering various sounds, visuals and materials. Using a computer, water can display waves, waterfalls or a combination of effects to create different visuals and sounds to a space. In addition, the material used on the product can provide different appearances. “Our specialty is high-tech computerized water features,” says Scott Sutker, president of the Elk Grove Village, Ill.-based company.

“By using a touchscreen, a homeowner can easily adjust and control the water feature for sound and visual effects,” Sutker says. “They can tell the feature to wave the water as it comes down to create an exciting visual instead of a continuous flow of water. Or the computer can provide a random setting of speed and sound that can change throughout the day.”

The product uses a small amount of water — no more than 10 gal. — in a stainless steel tank. The water is kept cold to minimize any evaporation. “It also has a self-cleaning system that will drain and refill [the system] with fresh filtered water as needed,” Sutker adds.

The water features are available in a variety of materials including glass, stainless, stone, granite and solid surface. “Glass is a popular background to use to separate a living and dining room, giving the appearance of a wall with an open view,” he says.

A contractor can install the product or H20 has its own installation crew that can be used. Requirements include a water and drain source. As of now, it cannot be connected to a home automation system. Lead times are four to six weeks.

Sutker adds that all products are custom, and not restricted by any size. “If you can think it, we can build it,” he says. “The smallest we’ve done is 2 ft. by 3 ft. and the biggest was near 35 ft. tall.”

The company recently introduced a new product that displays water rods — three streams of water that fall. In addition, colors can be added to the features for drama.

For more information on H20 Walls or its products, circle 11 or visit h20walls.com. — Maureen Alley