2008 Exterior 200

The Exterior 200 began as a list of “Specialty Remodeling” firms four years ago this November. It is a list of the top grossing firms that sell and install windows, roofing, siding, gutters, decks and sunrooms. Over the years, our approach to this list has evolved and improved. For starters, last year we bought a magazine called Exterior Contractor because we thought is was a more suitable name for this section of our magazine. You can also stay up-to-date on the latest home improvement news and trends at www.ExteriorContractor.com. In addition, we have enhanced the data that we present in the annual Exterior 200 listing, which is presented on the following pages.

Here is a quick explanation of the data that is presented in this year’s list. In the first column, you see the company rank followed by its name, chief executive, and location. Under revenue you will find the firm’s 2007 gross remodeling volume. Under jobs, you will find the firm’s 2007 jobs completed total. Under %Windows, you will find the percentage of the firm’s business that is attributed to window installations. The same information is presented under the columns: %Siding; %Roofing; %Decks; and %Sunroom.

The final three columns are indications of lead sources. The column %Repeat offers the company’s estimate of leads from repeat customers. The firm’s percentage of referral business is presented under the %Referral column. The last column indicates the percentage of gross revenue budgeted for marketing by the firm, ‘%Spent Mktg’. This is great data to use when benchmarking your firm.

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