Ecoflow from Brondell

Bathroom innovation has really taken off in the past few years with various shower options, chromatherapy and faucet designs. Brondell is one such company that has begun to make a name for itself as an innovator in bathroom technology focused on the toilet.

In the May issue of Qualified Remodeler we introduced the Ecoflow, soon to be renamed the Select Flush, from Brondell. It is the first of its kind dual flushing mechanism that converts an existing toilet to a water-saving fixture. In less than 30 minutes this two-button control can be installed and saves on buying a new toilet.

“We’ve had a focus on how to maintain the comfort of the bathroom experience while doing it more sustainably,” says Scott Pinizzotto, CEO and co-founder of Brondell, Inc. “That’s why over the past year we’ve been looking at that and launched two new products at KBIS this year.”

Founded in 2003, the main goal of Brondell has been to look at the advanced bathroom technology that exists in Japan, where Pinizzotto worked for two years, and find ways to improve on and implement those technologies here in the U.S. market. Right now Brondell has three main product lines: the Swash Ecoseat, the Breeza seat and the Ecoflow.

The Swash Ecoseat focuses on three technologies to make the bathroom experience more enjoyable and reduces the need for toilet paper. These technologies include warm water washes, heated seats and an antimicrobial finish. These seats fit more toilets than others on the market since they’re designed specifically for the United States market.

The Breeza deodorizing toilet seats came about while doing some market research for the Swash. Brondell kept hearing from people that one of the biggest problems in the bathroom was odor. So while some people might not quite be ready for the warm water wash with the Swash, the company figured there was definitely a market out there for tackling that specific problem of odor. The moment someone sits down the seat automatically starts deodorizing by removing the odor at the source.

“Because of the tremendous response to the Ecoflow, we are taking some time to improve on the product and make it even more universal for the United States Market and fit as many fixtures as possible,” says Pinizzotto. “These improvements will make installation possible in about 15 to 20 minutes right out of the box.”

No matter the size of the tank, installing an Ecoflow eliminates the need to purchase a whole new fixture to save on water.

From a water conservation standpoint the toilet is the largest consumer of water in the home. With the Ecoflow, the consumption of water is reduced by 50 percent. It’s a much cheaper solution than a new toilet and more waste is not created by getting rid of a perfectly good fixture and buying a new one with a dual flush system already installed.

Even though some of these ideas may seem a little “out there,” Brondell is committed to bringing innovative products to the masses and focus on making things greener. Currently the company has completed a lifecycle study and is working to get their products LEED certified.

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Comparative Companies:

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