Royal Wood Wrap N’ Snap

Sometimes giving a house a face-lift can be as simple as covering wooden posts with a new vibrant look. Royal Wood’s post wrap system with snap-lock technology may be just the thing to give a home an upgraded detail.

In the December issue, Qualified Remodeler introduced G2 Corporation’s Royal Wood Wrap N’ Snap. The Wrap N’ Snap is a new column wrap design with a quick snap-lock function. It uses maintenance-free cellular PVC material that eliminates peeling, rotting, painting or denting. It requires only one-person installation and is available in five different sizes. The column wrap comes in a prefinished white that can be painted after installation.

Another one of G2 Corporations main product lines is the Screen Tight Porch Screening Systems. This is the product that president and owner of G2, Guerry Green, started with when starting his company. This porch screening system provides the maintenance-free qualities of vinyl with spline screening. This system comes in 8-ft. standard lengths and comes in white, beige, gray and brown.

In 2004, G2 purchased the assets of Royal Wood from Precision Composites which was making composite trim materials while at this same time Green was in the process of developing his Wrap N’ Snap product. Green patented the snap-lock feature and it has helped to set the product apart from some of the similar products on the market.

“When Wrap N’ Snap is compared to other column wrapping systems, the advantages would be primarily to the installer because of the labor savings,” says Richard Bates, national sales manager for Royal Wood. “Normally for the installer to make something like that, they would have to cut it, miter it and nail it together. With Wrap N’ Snap that’s already taken care of to make the same sort of column.”

The Wrap N’ Snap can be left as is because it’s UV stabilized or it can be painted. When painted though, like many PVC products it’s recommended to stay with light to medium shades of paint color.

G2 has since taken the original Wrap N’ Snap and expanded the line with a tapered version — a craftsman type of column, a fluted style column and is soon to come out with recessed and raised panels, all based on the snap-lock concept. On the porch screening side, it is in the process of introducing new porch screening systems, one called FastTrack and one called MiniTrack which were showcased at the International Builders’ Show in February.

With more products on the drawing board, G2 Corporation and its Royal Wood and Screen Tight brands are bringing new porch screening systems to the market right now. G2 is also looking at variations of the Wrap N’ Snap technology to make installation easier on the installer and give homes that vibrant look.

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Comparative Companies

  • Endurance Single Wall Post Wraps from Royal Building Products install quickly and easily to cover a new or existing wood post and are available in fluted and flat wall designs.
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  • EverNew SnapWrap from CertainTeed is an innovative, low-maintenance vinyl post wrap. The eight-piece system comes complete with four vinyl post sections and four corner trim pieces that snap together for quick and easy installation. For more info please indicate #124 on e-Inquiry.