Inside Vinyl Siding

In the current lackluster housing market, there are two strong reasons homeowners might now choose to remodel: to improve their home because they plan to remain in it, or to add curb appeal to boost buyer interest. Vinyl siding addresses both possible reasons. And the color and texture choices in today’s vinyl siding combine with its innate strength and durability to create a product of unsurpassed distinction.

Whether it is a high-end remodel or conservatively priced project, manufacturers provide eye-catching and reliable vinyl to fit the job. And third-party endorsements and educational programs are designed to ensure the best products are installed the right way.

Strength and Style for any Price Point

“Studies show that curb appeal in a soft market prompts homeowners or sellers to re-side their homes in an effort to enhance curb appeal before putting their homes on the market,” says Jery Y. Huntley, president of Vinyl Siding Institute, Inc. (VSI).

“Obviously now that the environment is sluggish, the return to creating demand and communicating true features and benefits to homeowners is now more important than ever,” says Clancy DeArmond, vice president of sales for Royal Building Products. “Therefore Royal’s new expanded Journeyman, .044 product line now with 29 colors including several dark rich shades, really gives a sales-oriented company something to talk about. This new technology enabling Royal to introduce new, dark colors is a true breakthrough and is fun to sell.

“Vinyl siding still is the best, most cost-effective exterior, maintenance-free siding material available today,” adds DeArmond.

“That has not changed. The technology just keeps on getting better and better, as do the products.”

Variform’s Contractor’s Choice line of vinyl siding offers a combination of quality and cost-effectiveness. The durable, easy-to-install panels stand up to the elements and the realistic cedar-look finish will remain attractive for years of virtually maintenance-free use. Contractor’s Choice panels are .040 in. thick and feature 1/2-in. panel projection for defined shadow lines. The brushed cedar texture with Color-through technology reduces the appearance of scratches and won’t peel, flake, check or craze like paint. The product line is available in 13 classic colors with ultra-low gloss finish.

“Nailite’s new Cedar Pride EZ cladding panel was designed to meet the needs of today’s builders, remodelers, siding contractors and homeowners,” said Frank McCormack, vice president of sales for Nailite. “Homeowners are offered an authentic and unique product that incorporates today’s color trends at a fraction of the cost and maintenance of real cedar products. Builders, remodelers and contractors benefit from a unique, easy-to-install locking mechanism that reduces time on the job while increasing their take per home.”

Nailite’s siding replicates the look of real cedar, brick and stone. The company has expanded its product line and color pallet with five new colors and Cedar Pride EZ. The new panel has a 9- to 9 1/2-in. shingle exposure for the realistic look of staggered split shake, and is available in 17 colors, including three premium shades. Cedar Pride is one of three products that offer “EZ” installation, reducing installation time and saving builders money.

The Foundry’s premium cedar-look siding offers a rustic look with Staggered Shakes. These shakes have an uneven pattern and a rough sawn look on their edges giving them the appearance of handcrafted cedar with a 10-in. exposure. Split along the grain, cedar shakes are deeply textured in a way that sets off the relationship of light and shadow. The Foundry’s Series of shapes add an interesting distinction to a home’s exterior and are available in seven classic shapes. The Foundry siding is available in a range of colors and patterns in the company’s Traditional, Tropical and Weathered collections.

Heartland Building Products has introduced their Visionary Accents line featuring a new composite technology that increases rigidity, maximizes fade resistance and includes dark, bold designer colors for exterior home design. Visionary Accents is available in colors including mahogany, forest green and barn red. The line offers siding profiles of double 4-in., double 4-in. dutchlap, single 7-in. and double 6-in. insulated composite cladding profiles, with Heartland’s Therma-Fast poly-thermal formulation for over 40 percent greater resistance to heat on dark, bold colors. Visionary Accents color technology is also available in nine matching/contrasting trim colors: wineberry, Bordeaux, midnight blue and black.

A Kaleidoscope of Colors

“Vinyl siding is available in a broad and ever-increasing spectrum of colors — including new, darker colors like barn red, hunter and sage greens, deep blues and more — across a variety of product lines to assist remodelers and homeowners in customizing their renovation designs,” says VSI’s Huntley.

“The VSI Vinyl Siding Product Certification Program includes third-party verification based on the standards for vinyl siding color retention — ASTM D6864,” explains Huntley. “VSI’s color retention certification process requires an outdoor weathering study conducted for each color being considered. Each certified color must demonstrate the ability to resist major changes over time in a variety of climates. A broad spectrum of more than 350 vinyl siding colors is currently certified for color retention.”

The Colorscapes collection by Royal Building Products is now available on three of the company’s most popular siding brands: DuraPlank, Royal Woodland and Journeymen Select. While all Royal vinyl siding brands promise long-lasting color retention and fade resistance, the Colorscapes line is enhanced to actually block out the sun. Colorscapes incorporates a revolutionary weatherable thermoplastic by BASF called Luran S ASA that protects dark colors and is backed by a lifetime color retention warranty.

“Our market research showed us that consumers want to be bolder with the choices they make for the exterior of their home. They want their home to be an expression of their personality — but their biggest fear is that if they make a mistake their house might stand out for the wrong reasons,” says Mark Axelrod, director of marketing for Crane says. Crane addresses this fear with their Smart Styles program.

The Exterior Portfolio by Crane brand was founded on the company’s assertion that good exterior design should be available to every homeowner. To back up this philosophy, Crane offers a wide variety of styles, textures and colors from architecturally correct cladding profiles, trims and accessories on the Exterior Portfolio line. Smart Styles by Exterior Portfolio includes 10 individual design palettes to help homeowners identify and design their home’s exterior. The Smart Styles palette is based on home style, geography or color with a range of collections: Coastal Inspiration in blue, French Country in rye, Urban Fusion in grey, Rustic Retreat in red, Old World Charm in saddle, Rugged Simplicity in brown, Cottage Romance in wheat, Arts & Crafts in clay, Earthy Elements in cypress, and Refined Sophistication in mocha.

With subtle design intricacies, deep shadow lines and smooth matte finish, Kaycan Platinum Series of vinyl siding closely emulates the look of painted wood. The Platinum Series also has a complete range of color-coordinated trims. The company’s Duratron vinyl formula is designed for performance in all environments from -25 degrees F to +110 degrees F. Kaycan’s DaVinci Collection features deep, dark fade-resistant colors that are color-permeated through the panel, not simply applied as a film. Kaycan’s Colorfast formulation prevents fading, yellowing and heat retention. Both Platinum and DaVinci are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Strength and Support

For the utmost strength, Gentek Building Products offers Sequoia 16 — an extra-long 16-ft. 6-in. ultra-premium vinyl siding. Sequoia 16 features a heavy-duty construction tested to withstand hurricane velocity winds up to 217 mph using 1 1/2-in. ring shank nails and 180 mph using standard roofing nails. The panel’s 0.046-in. wall thickness, full-roll nailing hem, patented Advantage Lock system and 3/4-in. butt height combine for superior strength and rigidity. Textured with a rich cedar grain finish, Sequoia Select 16 is available in double 5-in. dutchlap and double 4-in. Clapboard, complete with matching or contrasting soffit and accessories.

Millennium vinyl siding, featuring patented Smartwall technology, is now offered by CertainTeed. Millennium is engineered with a nail-tight flexible hem that nails securely to the wall. Each panel is suspended by 2,800 tough PermaFlex Suspension Cables fusion-welded into .088-in.-thick siding material, allowing Millennium to easily expand and contract with changes in temperature. Millennium comes with 16-in. stud nailing indicators for fast installation. The product is available in classic double 4-in. clapboard and double 4 1/2-in. dutchlap profiles.

For support, VSI backs products and educates installers. “Remodelers have long trusted vinyl siding for its durability, low maintenance and value,” says VSI’s Huntley. “Additionally, vinyl siding is the only exterior cladding with both third-party product certification and certified installer programs, both of which are administered by an independent quality control agency.”

VSI is the sponsor of the VSI Vinyl Siding Product Certification Program and the VSI Vinyl Siding Certified Installer Program, which certify that vinyl siding products and colors meet or exceed ASTM quality standards, and that vinyl siding installers demonstrate knowledge of ASTM-accepted installation techniques.

The VSI Vinyl Siding Certified Installer Program trains and tests experienced vinyl siding professionals on standardized installation techniques. The program requires vinyl siding professionals to demonstrate their knowledge of vinyl siding installation based on the industry standard, ASTM D4756.

Huntley adds, “The VSI Vinyl Siding Product Certification Program gives remodelers confidence in knowing that homes clad with certified vinyl siding will deliver lasting performance and attractiveness, durability, low maintenance and affordability.”
Whether your customer wants increased curb appeal or just less maintenance, vinyl is the answer. Beauty, style, strength and support are all rolled into one with today’s vinyl siding.

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