Buyers' Guide 2006: Electrical & HVAC

The Rheem Marathon Water Heater is made of a polyurethane-based resin system that makes the tank rust- and corrosion-proof. The water heater features a seamless, blow-molded polybutene storage tank wound in fiberglass filament and encased in a molded, polyethylene outer shell. The Marathon Water Heater is available in sizes ranging from 15 to 105 gal.

W.A.C. Lighting introduces new die cast aluminum Precision Spots in both low and line voltage track systems. Available in white, black and two-tone black/platinum, these lights can be used with extensions and suspension kits. Precision Spots can be outfitted with a range of accessories such as cross-blade and honeycomb louvers.

Watts Radiant introduces HeatPlates, a snap grip, heavy-duty, aluminum underfloor plate for use with 3/8 or 1/2-in. RadiantPEX. The plates are available in 4- or 8-ft. lengths. The plates are designed for fast, easy installation and for improved heat transfer, as there is no air gap between the tubing and the plate.

H-P Products introduces its Dirt Devil Dynamic collection of central vacuum units, the Dirt Devil and Dirt Devil Platinum Force. The new line features higher-performance motors and quieter operation. To ensure exceptionally quiet operation, the units have been engineered with the motor dropped below the lid and then enhanced with a sound dampening patented foam silencer.

Combining style with the benefits of dimming, Lutron Electronics has added stainless steel wallplates to its Fassada and Claro wallplates collections to coordinate with black dimmers, switches and accessories. The stainless steel wall plates feature a small toggle opening and complement the Faedra, Qoto, Ariadni and Toggler dimmers.

Heatilator’s Silhouette 30 is a 26-in. electric fireplace and insert, featuring a heater with a built-in thermostat. Other options include herringbone-patterned refractory, on/off remote control, fronts and trims. The Silhouette 30 is designed to be installed like a traditional fireplace with a cabinet, or can be used as an insert in a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

Baci introduces its Murrina Glass G-9 Halogen Series wall fixtures. This series features hand-blown Venetian style, cased white opal glass shades with multicolored milleflori accents. It is offered as a wall-mounted sconce and in two sizes of pendants with a choice of cord or stem suspension.

Turnstyle Designs’ leather-clad switches and sockets are perfect to complement the extensive range of color of door and cabinet handles. They are available in black, chesnut and chocolate with interiors in a section of metal finishes including dark bronze.

The Georgian Style Ornamental Grilles are decorative historic grilles from Beaux-Artes and come in a variety of sizes from 4 by 10 in. to 24 by 24 in. All products are cast with a polyester resin and are prefinished in 33 faux finishes including, but not limited to: gold leaf, verde gold, bronze, brass, silver leaf, white, rust, washed wood and oxidized copper.

The EBC5 from EXHAUSTO, Inc. is a control for gas fireplaces, stoves, ovens and BBQs that integrates with the EXHAUSTO RS Chimney Fan. The control monitors and ensures safe and sufficient draft in the chimney with an integrated safety function that prevents it from operating in the case of a mechanical or electrical failure. In the case of inadequate draft, the EBC5 will increase the fan speed gradually until the draft set point is satisfied.

Bosch Security Systems has introduced the FCP-500 Series smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for high architectural applications. The unit contains a smooth, sealed surface and contamination detection that make it effective in areas with high dust. The FCP-500 are flush mounted and can be color-matched to the ceiling with a unique color ring insert system.

Juno recessed lighting reinforces interior room themes by creating feelings of spaciousness or intimacy. Architects and designers favor recessed lighting because it quietly integrates into the ceiling, dramatically emphasizes art, textures and architectural elements and solves the practical needs of task lighting and circulation. Recessed lighting allows you to graze vertical surfaces with sloped ceiling downlights to highlight natural textures, highlight art, collectibles and architectural elements such as columns and niches with adjustable fixtures.

The Radiator Enclosures from Arsco Manufacturing’s Beautiful Radiators have a channel pattern that directs heat through the grille, into the comfort zone of the room and away from windows, walls and ceilings. These enclosures are built to project specifications and come powder coated in six standard colors or can be custom colored. Arsco Manufacturing.

CentraLite announces its wireless lighting control system StarLite. This lighting control system provides dozens of choices for enhanced lighting and is capable of handling up to 96 devices, 288 buttons and 100 scenes, including one-button “vacation/alert” and “all on/all off” modes. The StarLite all contains 512 dimming levels, “soft on/soft off” function and can automatically control 50 timed events.