Soft Water from ClearWater Enviro Technologies

Hard water is a problem facing many homeowners. It can cause problems with lime scale buildup in pipes and fixtures, or a
homeowner can elect to use a water softener that can become costly and cause headaches as more municipalities won’t let softened water reenter the water supply. ClearWater Enviro Technologies thinks it might have a solution to these problems.

In Qualified Remodeler’s November issue, the ScaleBlaster from ClearWater Enviro Technologies, generated more response than any other product featured. The ScaleBlaster is designed to eliminate formation of lime scale deposits in water pipes, sprinkler and irrigation systems and faucets without the need for water softening equipment, salts, chemicals or maintenance. An integrated circuitry system produces a modulating frequency waveform that hits the resonant frequency of the calcium carbonate molecules causing them to lose their adhesive properties. Existing scale is removed and never forms again.

Founded in 1989 making copper and silver ionizers for swimming pools, ClearWater experimented with electronic descalers to address the problem associated with calcium-based pool systems in Florida. After much trial-and-error, the company built a scale blaster that worked well and began manufacturing them in 1994.

“After making the product for different industries, people began asking ClearWater to make a smaller version to use in their homes,” says Rodney Janelle, vice president of sales and marketing. “When we began marketing the product, we struggled over the years because everyone thought we were selling snake oil, which led to our money-back guarantee program.”

With the ScaleBlaster, pipes don’t need to be taken apart. There is no maintenance. The system will run 24 hours a day at a cost of about $3 a year. There is no salt. There are no chlorides going into the waste stream. And with the proliferation of local bans on regenerating softeners around the country, ClearWater Enviro Technologies is a viable solution.

“It doesn’t do anything to the pipes. It’s leaving what’s in the water, in the water,” says Janelle. “Instead of taking the calcium out of the water and replacing it with salt, we looked at something more environmental and green and that doesn’t need to be regenerated or use any chemicals.”

But ScaleBlaster doesn’t just solve the current hard water supply in the home. Just about every home has a showerhead that is always spraying in the wrong direction. With a ScaleBlaster, in about two weeks, it should be spraying correctly again by changing the molecular structure of the calcium molecule. The water then loses friction and the ability to adhere. With the water more soluble, it is able to dissolve scaling that already exists and take it down the water stream without the homeowner even noticing.

Today, ClearWater is selling to 72 countries, making systems for residential homes, swimming pools, commercial properties and even power plants in China. The company has an audited return rate of .0087 for the past 12 years.

Looking toward the future, ClearWater is investing more in research and development, exploring new products that work directly in the water. They are also working with a GPS system to locate geothermal wells and allowing companies to monitor these systems online. Down the road, homeowners will possibly monitor their own units in-house.

Comparative Company

  • The ClearWave from APEC electronically generates inaudible waveforms which help keep scale dissolved in water. For more info, please indicate #106 in eInquiry form.