Exterior Face-lift

1st Place Winner
Exovations of Atlanta, Cumming, Ga.

Second Place:
Creative Remodeling, Aurora, Colo.

In a desire to update a lake home’s dated ’70s gingerbread appearance, the homeowner’s goal was to have Exovations of Atlanta totally update the home’s curb appeal with a carriage, or cottage type design and ultimately bring the home’s exterior into the 2000s.

In detail, the homeowner wanted to eliminate the front porch railings and make more of a statement with the size of the porch columns — the existing columns were rotting and costly to keep replacing.

Exovations of Atlanta’s solution was to raise the grade around the perimeter of the porch and construct the porch and surroundings with no-rot materials. The front landscape was removed and two loads of dirt were brought in to raise the grade level in order to eliminate the front porch railings. New stone steps and a matching stone retaining wall were constructed. To continue the design, the porch columns’ pedestals and a water table were also built of stone.

Another problem was the plain, dated garage face that was very prominent on the front of this house. The homeowner asked Exovations to give her a “spectacular welcome” and the existing garage door didn’t cut it. The team removed the starburst glassed garage doors, inset in angled door jamb and installed a new carriage door. “We kept the glass at the top of the doors to achieve both light in the garage and a look that repeats with the rest of the home’s window glass patterns.”

They also removed the lap siding on the garage and the home and added housewrap to the home’s sheathing before installing cedar shakes to the entire face. “We built cottage (board n batten) shutters and hung them with S hooks and hinges for added character.”

This home now has a timeless beauty with tones of tan and vanilla that really warm up the exterior.