Bathrooms Over $50,000 & Best of Show Under $200,000

1st Place Winner
McClurg Associates, Marcellus, N.Y.

Second Place:
Carnemark Systems & Designs, Bethesda, Md.

Third Place:
Classic Remodeling and Construction Inc., Charleston, S.C.

The master bathroom in the home of two doctors, parents of four children, needed a makeover. The homeowners asked McClurg Associates to deliver a retreat-like bathroom that would feel like a luxury resort. But the challenges were formidable.

First, the couple did not have additional space to offer. They wanted to keep the bathroom at exactly at its original 162 sq. ft. Second, the couple also desired a completely framed-out toilet with a door, further reducing the available space with which to create a resort-like feel. Lastly, the size and space available for the walk-in shower required a mudset base with multiple pitches to be built without disturbing an ornately trimmed dining room directly below.

The latter problem of building a shower with a mudset base was solved by cutting down the existing floor system, leaving it sound, but ready for a shower above. The framed-out toilet was given a custom-made translucent panel door that allowed light into the toilet area while helping the framed area to flow with the rest of the design. But the overall solution of resort-like luxury in a small space was achieved through many steps.

“A curved glass-block wall for the walk-in shower, a large arched-topped window, and light colored walls combined for a feeling of greater spaciousness in the room,” explained the McClurg submission form.

Other details included a rich use of natural materials: limestone and marble; the use of brushed nickel finishes and furniture-style cabinetry; and a custom, five-piece crown molding along with other custom trims. Tight morning schedules also demanded separate his-and-hers cabinets and mirror combinations as well as a flat panel television, which was “pocketed into the head of the shower wall.” Placed where it is, the television can easily be viewed from all parts of the bathroom, including in the mirrors.

The Master Design Awards judging team gave this project uniformly high marks, particularly in the areas of “attention to detail” and “functionality of space.”

“Outstanding project,” one judge commented in summary.