Bathrooms Under $30,000

1st Place Winner
Otogawa-Anschel Design-Build LLC, Minneapolis

Second Place:
Fisher Group LLC, Annandale, Va.

Renovating an existing bathroom is tough to do for under $30,000. That is why the winners of this award deserve extra credit for standing out despite budget constraints. But this project created a new bathroom where one did not previously exist and still managed to keep it under the $30,000 limit while adding a great deal of style and functionality. It is the little master that could.

The judges agreed that this project was “creatively designed while making the most of the space.” In their application for the award, Otogawa-Anschel described the home as being among many 1 1/2-story homes in a gentrifying urban neighborhood. In this case, the home had been remodeled previously and the half-story attic converted into a cavernous, hallway-like master bedroom. The only thing missing was a master bath.

The Otogawa-Anchel team interviewed the couple, determining their needs and wants (including differing wake-up times) and conceived a master bath floor plan that did not completely close itself off from the rest of the large bedroom. A curving, angled wall provided most of the privacy for a new jetted bath, a separate shower, a fully-enclosed toilet room along with a stunningly designed lavatory with granite surround.

Remnant granite was used as a starting point but was cut and polished to allow the stone’s natural, un-loosed shape to emerge around a new under mount sink. The irregular shape added a lot of additional space to set cosmetics and other toiletries during their morning routine. A similarly styled granite shelf outside the shower provided additional space for shampoos, conditioners etc.

Plenty of time was spent choosing a wide pallet of 19 colors of paint, which added “dimension and depth” to the project, the company’s entry points out. And the project boasted other nuanced details.

“Bamboo flooring meets vertical-grain bamboo in the tub surround, which pushes up against a rich red tile at the tub deck,” the company’s entry adds. “This is a place where one can relax, dim the lights, and escape from the world.”