Detached Structure

1st Place Winner
Devon Remodeling & Construction, Wayne, Pa.

Second Place:
Sundquist Associates, Redwood City, Calif.

This pool house and site improvement project was coordinated to create a building and landscape that would be in keeping with the original architecture of some of the old original stone farmhouse buildings in this relatively new housing development. With a substantially slopping grade this site needed a considerably large infill to help create a lot that would support the pool and pool house.

Working in unison with the building architect, landscape designer, pool contractor, subcontractors and the homeowner created a team that needed to communicate well and integrate all concerns for a successful backyard design.

Devon Remodeling’s goal was to give the customer a quality project within a reasonable budget. The landscape design created a beautiful terrace effect from the new multilevel decks attached to the main house.

Integration of the existing home architecture and exterior finishes needed to be considered in helping to coordinate the stucco home and “old feel” pool house and landscape.

The finished project included an interior that features a full kitchen, full bath and spacious sitting area. Both the interior and exterior of the pool house and porch reflect a design that is well done, both inside and out.