Residential Specialty

1st Place Winner
Lazzell Design Works, White Hall, Md. &
Control Systems Design (co-entrant), Forest Hill, Md.

Second Place:
Master Plan Remodeling Design/Build, Portland, Ore.

Third Place:
Fisher Group, Annandale, Va.

Most people have had their share of fish tanks — usually a little bowl with a happy goldfish swimming around. For a homeowner in Maryland, a regular old fishbowl just wouldn’t cut it. The folks at Lazzel Design Works were challenged to help make this homeowner’s hobby a seamless part of their home and a more seamless part of their lives.

Tackling this uncommon project, Lazzel designed a unique, attractive surround to frame the foyer side of the aquarium and included maple cabinet fronts in the family room that flowed well throughout the rest of the room. They used decorative trim and Roman columns to create the desired effect in the foyer. Closets were constructed above and below the aquarium for extra storage of its many components.

The need to have unsightly maintenance conducted away from the living space was taken care of by situating the maintenance area in the basement. A pump continuously circulates water from the display tank to the maintenance tank where water is filtered and chilled before returning to the aquarium’s habitat.

After much research, they developed a computer automation of the saltwater habitat which includes: water temperature control; pump and filter cycling; salinity ratio control; PH level control; water level control; and much more.