Room Remodel

1st Place Winner
Modern Yankee Builders, Cumberland, R.I.

Second Place:
Crane Builders, Nashville, Tenn.

Third Place:
The Wills Company, Nashville, Tenn.

This 225-year old home had two nearly identical bedrooms. Both were approximately 210 sq. ft, but had very low 6-ft. ceilings at the highpoint. Modern Yankee Builders from Cumberland, R.I., was brought in to give this room some much needed updating all while keeping to the original style of the house. The clients requested raising the ceilings, increasing the storage space and updating the HVAC system.

Modern Yankee Builders pursued very creative solutions in raising the ceiling. “Raising the ceiling required that we eliminate the collar ties. The problem was that the collar ties prevent the rafters from pushing the exterior walls apart from each other.” To overcome this, the team installed a built-up beam at the ridge and strapped the rafters to it – the beam bears on the gable wall at one end and on a site-built truss at the other end.

The construction of the closet posed a few challenges because the “walls themselves were very unique and we had very little room to give up to standard stud wall construction – after all, every inch we saved in the wall was another inch bigger the drawers could be.” To save those inches, we “framed” the closet walls by laminating the closet carcasses, raised panel assemblies and trim into a very thin, but rigid, glue and wood sandwich construction, thereby eliminating nearly all of the studs.

The end result was two functional bedrooms with enough storage room for everyone. “High compliments to your treatment of the photographs,” says one of the judges. He adds by saying, “Your project is anything but ordinary, bravo!”