The Personal Revolution

The rise in business failures, consumer dissatisfaction, unsatisfying careers as well as unfulfilling relationships, demonstrates that hard work and minor alterations in what we do in order to produce desired results is no longer the answer to achieve what we truly want for ourselves.

The next step is to evolve. Here are 10 ways to do it.

1. Quit Tolerating. Clear out what's clogging up your life to create the space for the better stuff to show up. List the things you're putting up with that limit productivity, cause stress and waste time and energy. Then determine what needs to happen to eliminate these tolerances.

2. Play Your Game. The best game to play is the one where you make up your own rules. If you're encountering resistance in reaching some goals, chances are it's either something you really don't want to be doing. Align your goals with the priorities in your life rather than the "shoulds."

3. Create A Winning Routine. This includes planning for the unplanned as well. Develop a healthier relationship with time by underpromising on personal/professional deadlines so that time becomes your ally instead of your adversary.

4. Expand Your Vision. What does your ideal life look like? The fact is, we never grow past what we feel is possible. Let go of your current perceptions that are inhibiting your ability to explore greater possibilities and achieve more. It's a lot easier to create something great when you know exactly what you're looking for. Besides, it's your canvass.

5. Do Complete Work. You don't have to achieve every resolution at once. Instead of stopping and starting something, pick one thing you want to change, create or finish and commit to seeing it through to completion. Then move on to the next project.

6. Focus On the Present. Although planning for the next year is productive, we often lose sight of what is occurring today. Keep focused on what is occurring now as opposed to what happened yesterday or what will be in the future.

7. Strengthen Communication. It's fascinating that the very thing that occupies approximately 70 percent of our waking hours is the very thing we have the most difficulty with. Evolving your communication requires taking full responsibility for the outcome of each conversation.

8. Become A Systems-Oriented Thinker. Businesses, communication, learning, relationships, technology, even our quality of life all operate from a certain system. An evolved system produces consistent results, supports change, and is aligned with your vision. Evolve your thinking to become systems oriented.

9. Align Your Life. Both your personal and professional vision and objectives need to be aligned with each other. To do so, identify and connect them to your passions and which vision and objective brings you the most fulfillment and pleasure on a continuous basis.

10. Accelerate Your Response-ability. Continually reacting to the events prevents us from moving forward. Responding means staying in action to identify and tap resources we need to create more of what we want or to eliminate the trigger points of contention in our lives.