A Crystal Ball to Market Your Business?

Sure! What you do is go to an online auction site and purchase someone's body part to place your logo and message! In case you have not heard about the news stories of college kids auctioning their forehead, back, chest, stomach and a few other parts (?), it has become the newest trend in marketing. One pregnant mother sold her enlarged stomach for $5,000.00. One guy sold his forehead for, are you ready for this, for $37,000.00! This may be a new wave to market your company, but I am not sure it will work for remodelers. If you think it will work, then go for it. It appears to be the latest trend to get your name in front of a lot of Potential Customers (PC).

There are, however, some proven ways to market your remodeling company. Television, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, banners, banners being drawn by a plane, direct mail, home and garden shows, and the Internet.

Consider this, through all of the years, all of the crazy schemes, the most utilized and most return for the dollar spent is word of mouth. Yes, if a neighbor, friend, relative or business acquaintance recommends your remodeling company for a remodeling job, chances are you have gotten your foot in the door. As we all know, “Just let me get my foot in the door, the rest is up to me,” the salesperson's motto.

So, why do you get the referral? You probably did a good job for a good price. You provided additional service for the price paid. You made and kept the customer happy. That is the best marketing you could ever do. Ever thought about charging an extra you give to the customer to marketing instead of job cost. Think about it, you give the customer an extra plug, light fixture or any other type of upgrade. Charge it to marketing! If you leave a good taste in your customer's mouth, that mouth will pay you back over and over again. Something my dad taught me many years ago holds true today. “Do a good job and make a good impression with your customer and they will tell at least three people. Do a bad job or upset your customer and they will stop everyone they meet in the grocery store and tell them about the experience.”

As you know from previous articles in this column, the Internet is now a proven way to keep your name in front of the PC. Be innovative. Do not be afraid of trying something new. Who knows you may come up with the next great idea to market your company. Just make sure you register it so you can make all of the follow-up money for yourself or your company.

The other day, I asked my wife, “Thirteen years ago, what would you have thought if our daughter came upstairs and told you, dad is googling downstairs?” Technology moves faster than we can in our personal and business life. Most of us are working our tails off just trying to keep up with the day to day processes of owning and running a business. As stated earlier, there are so many ways to market your company and it can really become confusing. Have you ever been sitting in your office totally entrenched in what you are doing and the phone rings? On the other end is a marketing person trying to sell you something. What is your first reaction? You do not want your PC's responding to your marketing techniques the same way!

The Internet and word of mouth, in this writer's opinion, is the two best ways to market your company. The Internet is there 24/7/365. The PC can find out about your company anytime THEY want to, not when you want them to learn about your company.