Opening Your Mind Like a Blank Piece of Paper

I’ve been having a conversation with my editor about my next book. It’s a difficult thing to do, especially when you’ve just finished writing one, as I just did, and are frankly tired of listening to your own voice, and struggling to get the book done, and being so uncertain about whether what you intended to create is what you are actually creating, and working toward the deadline, and missing it, and then working toward the new deadline, and missing that one too, and then, knowing, deep down, that the next deadline is the last deadline and it looks like a mountain you could never climb. This large thing you’ve set out for yourself to do. This major, heavy-headed commitment you’ve set out for yourself. This thing, this book, you know you will never get done. But, you still need to, nonetheless. And all the empty pages sit there waiting to be filled.

I know also that that is exactly what it has felt like to me to create my business, E-Myth Worldwide. And I know that is exactly what your business feels like, and has felt like, to you.

At times, the writing is so easy.

It just flows like a stream down the side of a mountain.

It just finds its own surface, its own momentum, its own pace.

That’s when the writing, and the business building, are the most exciting.

When the flow is all its own, and the momentum of your life and your work and your vision and your rewards are all connected into one amazing filling of the paper, of the blank pages, of the thing that this birth, yours and mine, this earth, comes to mean when everything is moving, when everything is conspiring to say, so that’s what it means to be alive!

Which is all I meant to bring to you as I sit here writing this column.

To bring to you the experience you and I share, and have shared, I know we have, when everything is just working and there’s no reason for it to, other than it just does.

And that’s the point.

That you and I will be faced with blank pieces of paper for the rest of our lives, blank pieces of paper, the days, the months, the years, the minutes, the seconds, the fractions of seconds, of our lives, to which we have made commitments, which have invented deadlines, which have formed a structure called our lives, which is in the form as we speak of our businesses, yours and mine, which requires that we both keep writing, keep thinking, keep dreaming, keep wishing, keep hoping, keep expecting, keep honoring the value of those commitments, the value of the surrendering, to the voice which lies within each of us, the voice of a human being, the only voice of its kind on this earth of ours, and perhaps in the Universe, who knows, and that voice is shaping even as I speak and as you read this, each of our lives, and the lives of everyone we touch within the sound of our voices, of our reach, of our commitments, of our dreams.

Which goes to say, that your business, is the book you have so far written. And that it started out as an empty page. Just as your mind, when it is the most creative, starts out as an empty page. Just like your life, when you were born, started out as an empty page.

Which is miraculous, if you get my point.

That the miracle of your mind is the empty page, and the miracle of your being human is that you wish to fill it with words that speak from your heart.

From my heart to yours, have a wonderful day!