Living On Top of the Mountain

I just came back from speaking to a large audience of insurance agents. Of course, the subject was as it always is, The E-Myth. I don’t have any interest in talking about anything other than that. It’s what I do. It’s who I am. It’s what has transformed my life not only once, but many times since I started on this odyssey of mine in 1977 with the founding of E-Myth Worldwide.

But, something happened a few days before this insurance-agent event in Nashville that turned the audience on its ear. I want to share it with you.

Entrepreneur, Manager & Technician
In The E-Myth I talk about the significant differences between the Entrepreneur, the Manager and the Technician, the three roles that each of us as business owners play out in the creation, management and development of our companies.

The Entrepreneur is the inventor. The Manager is the enabler. And the Technician is the producer.

The Entrepreneur provides the juice and the vision that every business needs.

The Manager provides the systems that transform vision into a reality in the operating integrity of the business.

The Technician goes to work to become a Master of the Systems. The Manager invents to make certain that the Entrepreneur’s vision becomes a reality at the operating level of the business, and by so doing, delivers results consistently every single time.

It’s that consistency, The E-Myth says, that is the hallmark of every great company.

But, there’s much, much more to The E-Myth than simply systems and consistency and dependability and integrity.

There’s Joy.

There’s Passion.

There’s the urgency in the Entrepreneur to climb, to pursue the impossible, to defy reality, by doing ordinary things in such an extraordinary way that the rest of us stand in disbelief at how amazing his or her company is.

Like Wal-Mart.

Like FedEx.

Like Disney.

All extraordinary entrepreneurial inventions.

All living at the top of the mountain.

All are leaders in so many remarkable ways, that they defy our incredulity at the possibility one has in the creation of a company which lives in the World Class realm, at the top of the highest unreachable mountain, and that thin air which makes breathing not only difficult but nearly impossible, until one gets used to it, that is.

Gut check
I was on fire in Nashville, yesterday.

I felt in my gut, in my heart, in my mind what it is that inspired me so many years ago to start climbing this impossible mountain of mine.

I felt it, and it just came out, and I knew that I had touched upon something so real, so valuable, so immensely necessary that to not have spoken from that place in my gut, in my heart, at the highest reaches of my mind would have been a crime against my higher nature.

Where is your passion?

Where is your mountain?

What is it that defies your imagination, that offers itself to you as a mountain to climb?

Think about it. Feel it. And write to me if you’re so moved.

As for me, I don’t think I’ll ever come down!