Mor-Flexx from Sashco

Caulks and sealants can be a problem sometimes when trying to repair a home. Cracking due to extreme weather changes or even trying to color match a product may be a hassle. Sashco prides itself in finding solutions to these problems for the contractors out in the field.

In the October issue of Qualified Remodeler we brought you Mor-Flexx from Sashco Sealants. This sealant may look like mortar, but stretches like rubber. Unlike traditional mortar, stucco and grout repair products that crack because they dry hard and brittle, Mor-Flexx stretches and “flexes” with temperature change and movement so it will never crack. Mor-Flexx also has the sandy texture and color of mortar so it blends right in, or can be painted for a mortar, stucco or grout repair that just disappears.

Founded in 1936 by Donald Burch, Sashco is still family-owned and operated. Starting as the Colorado Steel Sash Company, it was a new window manufacturer. Don recognized the need for material to glaze steel windows. So he became a self-taught chemist and created the first batch of sealant shortly thereafter. Changing its name in 1973, Sashco has become exclusively a sealant, caulking and coating company.

“One of the things that Sashco has become known for, and sort of intentionally done, is try to provide solutions for things that we know that contractors struggle with out in the field,” says Sarah Shaffer, public relations coordinator for Sashco. “One of the things that we know they struggle with is mortar. Especially in parts of the country where there are extreme weather conditions where a home will settle and move and there is a lot of constant motion in the home. Mortar is famous for cracking which allows insects and moisture to get in. Mor-Flexx is Sashco’s solution to this problem.”

Among Sashco’s sealant products, it manufactures four other products which are specialty, high-performance, niche products. Big Stretch is a caulk for doors, windows and siding. And just as the name suggests it is highly elastic. With its great endurance, it will stretch and stretch without cracking, allowing a home to really move. Lexel was the first clear caulk in a clear tube to hit the market. This is Sashco’s solution to all of the problems contractors have with silicone. The Through the Roof sealant, just as the name suggests, is for roof applications. This sealant is completely clear for invisible roof repair, and highly elastic to combat the problems contractors have with black asphalt where it cracks almost immediately.

The latest additional to the Sashco family is MildewFree Sealant, a brand new product for the kitchen and bath. It holds the industry’s first warranty of its kind — a guarantee on the product for 7 years and provide a professional contractor to replace it should mildew grow on the sealant.

Shaffer did have some advice for remodelers when using Mor-Flexx. “You would want to be careful, because it is a water-based product, not to use it on a horizontal surface like a driveway or sidewalk or someplace that could be continuously wet because you could get some washout there.,” Shaffer explains. “Basically anyplace where there would be an overexposure to water you would not want to use it.”

Down the road Sashco is working on another product so new Shaffer wasn’t allowed to talk about it. She did add that overall Sashco’s goal is to continue to indentify the needs of contractors where there isn’t a current solution and try to be the first to provide it.

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Comparative Companies

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