Safe Bathing from Safety Tubs

Walk-in bathtubs continue to be one of the new big ideas for homes. They allow a person to sit while bathing and avoid the dreaded lip of the tub that some homeowners have trouble stepping over. Safety Tub is one of these companies helping residents avoid spills and bathe with ease.

Founded in 2002, Safety Tub’s original owner had a father who had difficulty in the bathroom so went about creating the Safety Tub. The current owners then purchased the company four years ago and have created among its models the 6032 acrylic tub.

In the September issue of Qualified Remodeler we introduced you to the Two Seater walk-in tub from Safety Tub. While not in production at this time, Safety Tubs has decided to focus more on its core business of single seat tubs for the market at this time. Among its models is the 6032 acrylic safety tub.

The 6032 has an operating capacity of 70 gal. It also has a slip-resistant tub floor and has three different whirlpool options that include either a 13-jet massage system, 26-air bubble massage system, a dual massage system or if a whirlpool isn’t needed, it can always be ordered as a soaking tub.

“What makes Safety Tubs unique is that it’s made of acrylic vs. fiberglass,” explains Hall. “Its vacuum-formed acrylic and we use it because it’s a solid surface and inherently resistant to mold, bacteria and mildew.”

If standing around waiting for the tub to drain in order to open the door was a problem in the past, it is no longer with Safety Tubs’ patented Minute Drain. Before Minute Drain it took an average of seven minutes of waiting around for the tub to drain. With a push of the button, a pump is activated that drains the tub in one minute.

Safety Tubs manufactures three different sizes of a walk-in bathtub. Each size can be installed in the space of a standard size tub and then can be outfitted with different options.

“The tubs are actually an easier installation than a regular bathtub,” says Steven Hall, director of sales and marketing for Safety Tubs. “It does stand up on its own. It’s built on a 1-in. steel frame, so essentially the tub can go anywhere as long as you have a faucet and a drain.”

Other options for the 6032 are an in-line heater for jet and dual systems, chromatherapy, aromatherapy, air-filled neck pillow and anti-scalding valve. This tub also has the option of either a left- or right-hand door, making sure it always fits whatever application needed.

“We found that as people get older and consider going into a nursing home or not, the No. 1 reason to leave their home is bathing,” says Hall. “With a safety tub it allows the individual to stay in their home longer and bathe more safely. We’re also finding that people between 55 and 65 are also building or updating their final home now and installing safety tubs to plan ahead.”

Safety Tubs is now mainly focused on increasing its marketing and brand awareness. “We think of ourselves as Kleenex,” jokes Hall. “Safety Tubs will be a household name and when you ask for a walk-in tub, you’ll just simply ask for a Safety Tub.”

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Comparative companies

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  • Therapy options with a Home Living Solutions walk-in bathtub include an air massage system with 20 air jets, a hydro massage system, and a combination of both. For more info, please indicate #128 in eInquiry form.