Taking The Lead

As many design professionals know, the key to creating a dynamic kitchen or bath relies on finding just the right products.

For this reason, kitchen and bath professionals are forever on a quest to find products that are unique, ergonomically sound, efficient and aesthetically appealing.

To that end, as 2007 comes to a close, Kitchen & Bath Design News once again recognizes the most-asked-about products list, as tallied by reader requests.

And what a list it is. Indeed, 2007 represents another stellar year for kitchen and bath manufacturers, who once again rose to the challenge by creating a vast array of exciting and innovative kitchen and bath products that run the gamut from stunning decorative hardware and clever storage solutions to tubs designed with safety in mind.

But while the product categories represented by these top products may be diverse, the most-asked-about products of 2007 all share one critical element: Each is designed to improve, streamline and simplify life for the end user – without sacrificing design sensibilities.

In 2007, there was a noticeable move toward products that combine luxury with state-of-the-art convenience. Organization was a major buzz word, with organization-based products not only securing the top two spots, but also significantly represented throughout the top 20 positions.

Specifically, products geared toward enhancing efficiency and ergonomics, such as drawer inserts and wrap dispensers, featured prominently, as did storage systems and closet, pantry and garage organizers.

Multi-functional products – such as a microwave that tucks into an oven drawer, saving much-needed space in the kitchen – were also popular favorites.

Other products with a more personalized touch, such as hand-painted images on stone and customized aluminum frame glass doors, fared well in this year’s listing as well, earning top 10 positioning and reinforcing the importance of one-of-a-kind items that reflect the client’s personality.

According to many manufacturers whose products placed in the top 20, popular product choices also represent a significant embracing of cleaner, European-influenced styles, while still holding onto traditional roots and the pining for simpler times – and a simpler lifestyle.

KBDN’s most-asked-about products list is compiled by tallying reader requests for information about specific products featured in the magazine over the past 12 months. On this and the following four pages, KBDN recognizes some of the brightest and most innovative products of 2007 as selected by our readership.

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