Vanity Fair

Living Elements’ interesting vanity, coined the Concerto Major, is composed of mesquite wood, hammered copper and wire-brushed steel. It is designed as a showpiece, ideal for homeowners looking for a focal point and conversation piece for their powder room or bath.

“This particular vanity incorporates the sink [lavatory] with the countertop and base. The traditional definition of vanity as a dressing table combining a table and cabinet with mirror seems to have been more recently expanded to include base cabinets [i.e., tables/cabinets/ledges] on or in which lavatories are mounted,” says Kim Winkler, sales manger.

To accompany the Concerto Major, a wall-mounted faucet is needed. When turned on, a stream of water gently falls onto the hand-hammered copper dome encased by mesquite wood. A faucet on the Concerto Major must be positioned so the water flow hits behind the center point of the dome to allow for the desired waterfall effect with minimal splashing.

“With its combination of wood and metal, we’ve seen the Concerto Major used in all styles of houses, but most commonly contemporary and rustic styles,” Winkler adds.

The contemporary design of the Concerto Major might leave one puzzled about the logistics of the plumbing because of the concealed drain. “There is standard wall-mount plumbing through the back of the base. Included with the piece is a drain assembly with P-trap, tail piece, flush-mount drain, nuts and a washer,” Winkler says.

Primarily specified by builders and designers of custom or high-end homes, the Concerto Major is installed largely to match homeowners’ styles throughout a house. For more information visit – Kari Embree